Friday, August 8, 2014

15 Weeks Old

Walker had a good quiet weekend at home, and seemed to be doing great after his hernia surgery.  He got a visit from close family friends Joy and Ramie Mize who were amazed to see how far lil Walker had come since they last saw him in the hospital.  Joy and Ramie have checked on us throughout this journey and been so wonderful to offer advice and be an ear to listen.  They know what life in the NICU is life, there son was also born early and spent time in the NICU and we can't say how much they mean to us!  On Sunday night, Walker got to go on his first outing to see Uncle David playing soccer at the soccer complex.  Luckily for the lil guy it was a late game and there were only a handful of people there to watch.  He enjoyed the outside time, and getting to cheer Uncle David on.  It was a great game, and great weather outside the perfect temperature for a little guy.

However, Mommy had a serious case of the Sunday night blues...she had to work on Monday to get her classroom ready for the new school year.  It was incredibly hard on Monday for Mommy to leave Walker, even though she knew that Granny and Papa would take great care of him.  Mommy left early Monday morning and was able to get a lot done at work, and she got a few picture messages of her little guy.  Walker did great with Granny and Papa and was ready to play when Mommy got home, enjoying his tummy time!

Tuesday, Mommy took a day off to take Walker to the pediatrician for a checkup and a check of his incision.  The pediatrician said everything looked great, and the little guy was up to 5lbs. 14ozs, he is almost 5 times his original size.  Walker's incision looked great, and his glue had finally come off so she said we were able to give him a good ole tub bath!

On Wednesday, Mommy and Granny and Walker had a long but good day.  Walker had appointments in Winston, his first appointment, for his eyes went well the doctor said everything continued to look good.  Then Walker had an appointment to check his hearing, when he was in the NICU he passed for his right ear but had a rescreen for his left ear.  Today he was able to pass both ears, which is great news, and an answered prayer!  In between appointments, we were able to stop by and visit all the nurses in the NICU which was great!  They loved getting to see the chubby little guy and his adorable cheeks and Walker felt right at home with all the familiar voices and faces, one of his favorite nurses Cathy even came in on her day off to visit with Walker.  We have truly missed our NICU family, they are truly amazing people!  Wednesday night was also an exciting night for us, Walker hit a big milestone.  He had tried and gotten really close on Tuesday night, but tonight he was able to turn over for the first time, and we caught it on video!  We are so proud of our little guy, and how far he has come!  Check out the video, just click here!

Thursday Mommy went to Back to School night so she could meet her new students and parents.  Walker spent the day with Granny at her house, his first day away from home since he has come home.  Walker had a good day getting to check out his new surroundings, and Daddy even got to drop by on his lunch break to see the little guy.  He sure was missed by his Mommy though, and she couldn't get there and get her hands on him after a great day of meeting her new students and working with her sub Mrs. Gibbs (what a blessing she has been to Mommy, and knowing her students are in such great hands is another blessing!),

Friday morning Walker had another car seat test at the doctor in Roanoke, and we are really hoping that the third time is the charm!  Walker got weighed, he is up to 6lbs. 1.4ozs, which means he is over 5 times his birth weight a truly amazing gain!  After getting weighed and getting his vitals Walker had to be in his car seat for two hours hooked up to a special monitor and then the pulmonologist told us that he passed!  We are so proud of Walker and how he is growing each day, he truly is an amazing little boy.  We can't wait to drive him around in his carseat and get rid of the old car seat bed.  We can now safely use his stroller and also put him in his swing, a whole new world just got opened up for the lil guy today!  Please continue, as we know everyone has been, to pray that Walker keeps growing and gaining in leaps and bounds!  We truly appreciate every minute with our little guy and we consider everyone that has been following his journey and praying for him a part of our family,Walker is one loved lil fellow!

Joy holding lil Walker!

Ramie and his buddy RR!

Mommy sad to leave on Monday and go to work.

A few of the nurses from the NICU spoiling lil man!

They just kept coming out to love on Walker, he didn't mind it one bit!

Mommy on Back to school night, dropping Walker off at Granny's house!

Sleeping in Mommy's lap, no better feeling in the world!

One eye peeking at Mommy, love those cheeks!


  1. Hi There!
    Walker is just perfect. I saw your photo montage a few weeks back and was so touched by it, not only for your beautiful little boys journey but also because our preemie baby Theodore was also born on the 25th of April this year.
    I am so happy to have stumbled across this blog to read about how you're all doing.
    Wishing you all the very best x

  2. god bless you and your little angel. love from turkey

  3. Your little guy is utterly adorable!! I pray that he continues to do as well as he has up to now. Enjoy him! Annalien

  4. Hi There,

    I have greatly enjoyed the movie made by Capturing Hope Photography. I read in your blog that Walter is doing great! I am a father of a premature baby. our son came in week 27 in the world. He is now 16 years old and as far as we can judge healthy and fit.I love your blog and hope for you guys that Walter will grown up as healty as our son. Marcel