Friday, August 15, 2014

16 Weeks Old

After Walker passed his car seat test on Friday we were very excited to be able to take the little guy more places.  Since we can now leave him in his car seat we can keep him completely covered which makes us worry less about germs.  On Saturday we took Walker to Homestead Creamery where Mommy, Daddy, Granny, and Papa got some ice cream, maybe when Walker gets a little bigger he can enjoy the ice cream too!  Saturday afternoon we were grilled good steaks and had a cookout, Uncle David was able to join us and we even taught him how to play rook!  Since Walker was clear for the car seat, we decided to let him try out his swing.  He really seemed to enjoy the swing, and it was so sweet watching him looking around trying to figure this new experience out!

Sunday was a lazy rainy day and perfect for a nap.  We still haven't been cleared by the Pediatrician to go to church, but we are hoping as Walker gets bigger and stronger we will soon be able to go.  After lunch Walker got some "tummy time" and the little guy is really great at turning his head from side to side.  We are amazed at how well Walker is doing for someone that is only a correct gestational age of 10 days old.  They figure this out based on his due date which was July 31st so even though he is almost 16 weeks old, technically he should have only been here for 10 days.  After some exercising Walker was ready for a nap, and or course Mommy and Daddy had to take one too!  It is amazing how this lil guy makes a normal simple day something so much more special, and has taken our hearts over completely.

Monday Mommy and Granny were excited to spend another quiet day at home with Walker, we are amazed with how quickly he seems to be growing and changing each day!  Walker is doing great with his eating, taking 2oz each time, he is also sleeping at night from 4-5 hour stretches which is great for Mommy and Daddy.  Monday afternoon a lady from a newspaper in Germany called Mommy and wanted to do a story on Walker and Capturing Hopes.  We are truly amazed and humbled by all the exposure that Walker's story is getting and we have gotten countless messages from people all over the world.  We are amazed at how someone so little can touch so many people.  It is amazing the hope that his story gives people, someone told us "Walker is like a NICU Superhero giving hope to other NICU parents", and we are just proud that we were chosen to be this little miracle's parents.

Tuesday Walker had a visit from his "double Uncle Steve" who was really excited to see the little guy getting so much bigger and stronger.  He got to hold Walker and was amazed at how strong he was with moving his head around.  Walker settled right in and found a comfy spot and took a nice long nap in Uncle Steve's arms.  Tuesday afternoon Mommy had a doctors appointment so Granny and Walker hung out in the car and he ate his afternoon snack until Mommy was finished.  We are so blessed that Walker is such a content and good baby, he is use to rolling with the punches and does really well with traveling and being in the car.

Wednesday we had a follow up appointment with Walker's surgeon to check on his hernia incision.  We almost have to have a separate calendar to keep all of his various appointments straight, but we are just so blessed that the little guy is doing so well with everything he is truly a tough little fighter.  The surgeon said everything looked great and his incision looks wonderful you can hardly even see it, we are very pleased with how his surgery turned out.  Wednesday afternoon Walker got to visit Granny's house for a little while and he really likes her cradle that rocks.  He hung out with Papa on Wednesday night and did well with some more tummy time.  He almost rolled from his back to his belly, maybe in a few more weeks he will be rolling all over the place!

On Thursday Walker had a quite day and did great with his eating.  Mommy tried a real bottle, not one of the little 2oz ones from the hospital and Walker did great!  He seemed to like the faster flowing nipple and didn't get choked at all.  Thursday night Walker got to go to supper at Mimi and Bart's house and he enjoyed all the new stuff to look at for the first time.  He was wide awake almost the whole time we were there and even showed Mimi and Bart how he could turn his head over from side to side.  They enjoyed getting to spend time with the little guy and Mimi did a great job with feeding him.

Preemie babies have a ton of follow up appointments and Friday was no different, we had to go see Walker's pediatrician in Roanoke for a weight check and follow up on him.  He is up to 6lbs. 8.5 ozs which means he is gaining about one ounce per day, which the doctor said is great!  She also cleared us to take Walker out more which is amazing, we haven't been able to go to church since we brought him home over a month ago and we are so excited to get to go this Sunday!  Dr. Johnson did say to keep him away from people that are or have been sick, and to try to keep people touching him to a minimum, but we are so excited to be able to show our little miracle off!

Walker has had another great week, and we are so proud of how he is growing and getting bigger each day.  We are truly blessed for each moment we get to spend with our little miracle, an thank you to each of you for your thoughts and prayers for Walker we truly appreciate it!

Hanging in my swing!

Swinging makes me sleepy Mommy!

Look at those cheeks!

Walker and Uncle David

Tummy time, working on rolling over and turning his head!

"I can hold my passie like a big boy!"

Tummy time is exhausting!

Double Uncle Steve

Getting some loving from Uncle Steve!

After bath time, he smells so good!

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