Friday, August 29, 2014

18 Weeks old and a traveling boy!

This week was a busy and exciting week for lil Walker to say the least!  It didn't start out that way though, he spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at home resting up and getting back to 100% after his rsv scare.  His congestion really broke up over the weekend and by Sunday night he was acting like himself.  Walker is really loving tummy times these days, he is getting strong with his body and can sort of army crawl and scoot across the floor.  He is also getting really strong with his head and he can hold it up all on his own for short periods of time.  We are so impressed with how well the lil big guy is doing and we are hoping that later this week he will hit 7lbs!

Monday Walker was being a good boy and helping Mommy to get packed and ready for the trip to New York.  There is so much to take with you when traveling with a baby and Mommy was getting it all together.  Monday night we had to go to bed early to rest up for our big day of traveling on Tuesday.

Mommy and Daddy and Granny were nervous about how Walker would do his first time flying on an airplane.  We had a straight through flight from Greensboro to New York, and Walker did amazing on the plane.  The little guy didn't make a peep, just ate his bottle, slept, and made friends with the flight crew!  Walker got his first "wings" from the flight attendant, and he even got to take his picture with the pilot!  We headed to our hotel in Times Square and got the little guy settled in.  We were able to visit with Grandma Stacey who came up to see the little guy, and Walker's cousin Phillip who lives in New York and his girlfriend Erica came by to see him for the first time.  He was in awe of all the lights in Times Square and he was wide eyed checking everything out!  What a big day he woke up in the country in Virginia and went to sleep in the big city of New York!

Wednesday was another exciting and busy day for Walker and our family.  Mommy, Daddy, Walker, Granny, and Papa headed over to NBC studios in Rockefeller Center to tape for the Meredith Vieira show.  We got to meet Meredith Vieira, who held little Walker and couldn't get over how adorable he is!  We got the Hollywood treatment with hair and makeup(Walker is so cute, he didn't need any help!), and we even had rehearsal before the taping in front of the live studio audience!  When it was time for the real thing, Walker was bright eyed and ready to go.  He looked so cute and was so well behaved, the audience loved him!  Meredith asked Mommy and Daddy a couple of questions and talked about how precious Walker is, she also gave him a big lipstick kiss right on his head!  It was such an awesome experience for us to get to travel to New York with little man, and be able to share his story of hope with everyone.  We can't wait to watch him on TV, the episode is supposed to air on October 8th at 3pm on NBC, so keep an eye out for little Walker's TV debut!  We are more certain than ever that God has some huge plans for this little guy!

We had an amazing time in New York, but Walker was ready to get back to the country life.  On the flight back from New York we had our same flight crew, and there were so excited to see how lil Walker had done in New York.  On the flight back he did as well as he did on the way down.  He ate and slept, and was checking everything on the plane out!  We are so happy that we have a traveling little boy, he is so easy going and takes everything right in stride!

Thursday after a good nights rest, Walker, Mommy, and Granny headed to Winston for Walker's appointment at Amos Cottage.  They follow preemies until they are about 2 years old.  This was Walker's first appointment and he will go every 6 months until then.  They check his weight, length, and head circumference and did some other things to assess the little guy.  The doctor said that Walker was doing great and everything looked good, which was good news for us!

Friday Mommy, Granny, and Walker rode up on the mountains and spent a couple of hours at the flea market.  Lil man was content to nap in his stroller while Mommy and Granny found some good deals.  We are so blessed at how far Walker has come, just 4 months ago he was in the hospital and now he is traveling to New York and getting all new experiences.  We are truly thankful to everyone that has prayed for our little man, we KNOW that is why he is doing so well!  We can't wait to see what else is in store for our little tough guy!

Meeting Meredith, I am staring because she is so pretty!
4 Months old!

My first airplane ride!

With my buddy the flight attendant!

Check out my wings, and my I <3 NY shirt, I am ready to go!

With the pilot!

Looking at Stacey!

Love seeing family, and meeting my cousin Phillip!

Walker in Times Square for the first time!

She thinks I am cute too!

During the show she gave me a lipstick kiss, too cute!

Glad to be back in the country and getting cuter by the second!

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