Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 2

On Saturday Morning, after a long hard night, and still nameless, Baby Pruett was holding his own. This was a major accomplishment because the first 24 hours are very tough for Preemies. Dad was able to visit and even got to change a diaper, what a first!

Also that morning, Mom and Dad settled on a name: Walker Colt Pruett!

Such a loved baby already, Baby Walker had visits from  family again, and also, the preacher and his wife from Mommy and Daddy’s church, the Bailey’s also from church,  Llamar his great grandparents preacher, the Kogers from his grandparents church, and close family friends – the Gary’s (Tim, Sandy, Mason, and Taylor Jo) and the Mize’s (Ramie, Joy, and Andrew). 
He was a busy boy already, but still was dying to see his mommy (or maybe it was the other way around) who was finally able to see and touch him for the first time around 3 PM. She was able to hold his little hand and get a report from the nurses about how well Walker was doing.

Later that afternoon, we got a visit from a wonderful lady from Capturing Hopes Photography asking if she could include beautiful baby Walker in her 100 Days preemie photo shoot. We were excited for this great opportunity to capture Walker’s progress and see him grow day to day. Such a blessing!

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