Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 5

Today Walker had another good day.   This morning I heard my Mommy's voice first thing and opened my eyes to see her and Daddy standing there to see me, what a great way to start my day!  The nurses are working to maintain all Walker's levels and keep me stable and he is doing well on his ventilator!  Walker's blood sugar dropped a little low today, down to 34, but the nurses fixed him up and he was back up to 86!  Walker was a very active boy today he was wiggling around and even used his little legs to push his bottom off his bed surprising Mommy and Daddy.

Walker also had a lot of visitors today, what a loved little boy!  Sandy and her mom Martha came bringing goodies for Mommy and Daddy and also some gifts for Walker, he now has a blankie hanging on his IV stand!  He also had a visit from Tim and Amanda Hunt his grandparent's preacher, and his great grandparents Mamaw and Papaw Pruett!  Also Mommy's friends Emily and Alissa came to visit and brought gifts as well.  We are definitely one blessed family surrounded by so many people who love us so much!

Walker also got to listen to his very first story "The Littlest Turtle" which he loved.  All about a little turtle who is brave and perfect just the way he is!  It is definitely my new favorite story and I can't wait for Mommy to read it again tomorrow!  Walker has done well with his feedings, and tomorrow they will up his food intake to 2cc!

As a great way to end his 5th day, Walker got to have the best first yet: around 9:30 while Mommy and Daddy were visiting, the nurse asked if Mommy wanted to try "kangarooing". This is where preemies get placed directly on their parents chest and covered with heated blankets. The day Mom and Dad finally arrived and they jumped at the chance to hold their little boy. After some rearranging of some tubes and wires, Baby Walker was laid on his mommy's chest, skin to skin. Sitting here trying to describe the feeling of holding Walker for the very first time after 5 days of limited touch is impossible. Other than to say, the greatest moment of my life! He stayed on Mommy chest comfortably for what was definitely the best hour ever. Hopefully tomorrow will be Daddy's turn to experience this indescribable joy.

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