Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 6

Today started off bitter sweet: We got a great report from the doctors this morning. They planned to lower Walker's settings on his jet ventilator throughout the day and see how he handled it. By doing it slowly, they are basically weening him to be able to breathe on his own.  Their goal was to get him on a miniature CPAP machine for preemies hopefully this afternoon. While we were ecstatic about this news and his progress, the bitter sweet portion was for Daddy. Because the process of removing the jet ventilator, requires removing his breathing tube, it can be stressful on Walker. So the nurses told Daddy it could likely be tomorrow before he was able to hold Walker. 

Walker also got a visit today from Brent Collins, a high school friend of Mommy and Daddys, who got to see how well he was doing.  He also had a visit from one of the Associate Ministers from Ardmore Baptist Church, a local church here in Winston, that has been praying for baby Walker!  We know it is because of the  prayers from so many people and churches that Walker is doing so well!

After having his ventilator tube taken out and being put on the CPAP machine around 5pm his vital signs and oxygen levels remained strong all evening!  Mommy and Daddy were so proud of how well he was doing breathing on his own, what a strong little boy!  Even better than that, nurse Kayla gave Daddy some wonderful news!  His strong little boy was stable and doing well enough for Dad to have his very first "kangaroo time"!  The smile on Daddy's face was priceless, and the time with Walker in his arms was indescribable!  He was able to feel his little boy breathing against his chest, what a wonderful feeling! 

Walker also had his first experience with a pacifier and it was absolutely adorable! Also, because the breathing tube was in his airway Walker had been unable to make sounds.  But tonight with the tube out, and his new breathing machine, Mommy and Daddy were able to hear his sweet little voice for the first time!  The sweetest sound they had ever heard! 

Today was another WONDERFUL day of firsts for baby Walker, and Mommy and Daddy and they can see exactly what a work God is doing through little Walker as he touches hearts and lives day after day!

Also a special thanks to Auntie Sandy for setting up the GoFundMe Donation Page for Walker today!

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