Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 7

This morning we were anxious to check on Walker's progress with the CPAP machine overnight.  After talking with his nurses and doctors it seemed as it as though he had done alright, but not the best as they had to turn his oxygen up higher than they wanted to around 50%.  They had also done an x-ray to check his lungs and stomach.  On the x-ray his stomach looked good, but his lungs looked as though they weren't getting fully inflated with him on just the CPAP.  They decided to monitor him throughout the day and then decide early afternoon what his best option was going forward.

Even though he was struggling slightly and working hard to breathe on his own, he still had lots of visitors that wanted to see him!  He got a visit from his neighbors down the road Jimmy and Laura Ashby.  Also his great grandma Sarah Terry and his great aunt and uncle Scott and Suzanne and his cousin Britney who brought hims some camo burp cloths!  Tim and Sandy Wood stopped by on their way to the beach! He was also visited by Mommy and Daddy's friends April and Mark Peters and his future buddy lil Ralei Ann!  What a very loved little boy!

This afternoon the nurses decided that his umbilical line needed to come out, since he was 7 days old!  They would have to put in a PICC line in his arm to help him get the medicine that he needed.  They were able to get his PICC line in after 2 attempts and get him all tapped up.  The respiratory therapist also decided to put him back on the ventilator to give his body some more time to get ready for the CPAP.  It was VERY hard for Mommy this afternoon watching her lil guy have all this done, but Walker is tough and he will bounce back quickly.  Because of all the activity today, Walker needed his rest, and so there was no kangaroo time today for Mommy.  

Hopefully tomorrow Walker will have a better day where he can get more rest and focus on his feedings and getting some fat rolls!  He is such a strong little boy and we know this is nothing he can't handle!

Also, Mommy and Daddy would like to say a huge THANK YOU to every for all the donations, and gifts, and thoughtful gestures.  We are beyond overwhelmed and touched so much by everyone's kindness!  We feel so blessed to be able to be Walker's parents, and to see what God is doing daily through him!  It is amazing how a hand as tiny as Walker's is able to touch so many lives!

Holding Mommy's Finger

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  1. I love following Walker's story. I can't help but to think he's about as close to God as anyone here on earth will get because I know he has one of God's most precious angels watching over him every second. I can only imagine the smile on Hazel face had she been able to meet him. But we all know she has that million dollar smile now as she looks down on him and makes sure everything is going to be ok. I'll be praying for all of you!������