Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 20

Walker had a fair day today. Though much better than yesterday, with NO episodes, his vitals were a roller coaster all day. His Oxygen has stayed around 40% but he continues to go high and low back and forth. The constant beeping of the oxygen saturation alarm is unnerving. The monitor beeps when it falls outside it's extremely tight parameters of 90-95%. The doctors and nurses say that anything above 80 and below 98 is normal and safe, but they want to keep it in that tight range for the best chance for Walker.

After his rough afternoon yesterday Mommy and Daddy and Granny and Uncle David kept a close eye on the little guy throughout the day.  Since Walker had such a rough day, and as much as Mommy and Daddy hated it, they decided to give him a break from kangarooing today so he could rest.  It was especially hard for Daddy, because he has to go back to work tomorrow and won't have the chance to hold the little guy again until Friday, but we have to do what is best for him!

Walker did have some visitors today: Paul from Ardmore Baptist Church dropped by and prayed over Walker with Mommy and Daddy.  Also, Joe and Kitty Terry, who go to church with Granny and Papa, came to see us. The visits and prayers sure do make Mommy and Daddy feel good to see just how many people care about lil Walker!

After Mommy, Daddy, Uncle David, Papa and Granny left to go get dinner, Mommy came back and caught Walker sucking his little thumb under his NIPPV-CPAP mask, how ADORABLE! 

Please continue to pray with us for a more stable day tomorrow, and that Walker can continue to grow and gain strength each day! 

Wide Awake

Holding Mommy's Hand

Sucking on my thumb

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