Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 14

Today Walker had another good day, and he is 28 weeks old today!  He did well with his feeds and kept his oxygen in the 30's for most of the day.  He had one of his favorite nurses Sonya working with him today and he behaved for her all day!  Walker was about to tolerate all of his 7cc feeds and at 4:30 he was able to go up to 8cc, what a hungry boy.  He also gained an ounce and is back up to 1 lb. 7oz. today.  

This morning the doctors said that if he does well all night with his 8cc feeds them tomorrow they will probably remove the PICC line from his arm, which Mommy is really excited about!  That will be one less thing that he is hooked up to, and it also means that he will no longer need IV fluids, he will be getting everything he needs from Mommy's milk!  

The doctors also decided to up his caffeine intake tomorrow, which they give him through his feeding tube.  The reason for doing that is because it allows him to be more awake and work on his breathing to they can hopefully start weening his rate down on his NIPPV-CPAP.  He is on a rate of 25 now and the last time they tried to lower his rate to 20 reminder puffs a minute he wasn't too happy.  Hopefully increasing his caffeine intake will allow the doctors to be able get his rate down!

Walker also had a great visit from Mommy's best friend Jodie, who hung out with them for most of the day.  She even got to change a diaper, she was a little nervous at first, but she did a great job!  It was really great for Mommy to get some much needed friend time, and Jodie has been such a HUGE help taking care of the animals, getting the mail and other things around the house, and even helping give Mommy a shower, what a wonderful friend!

Daddy came back from work this afternoon to see his little man with Mimi and Bart, and boy was Walker glad to see Daddy!

Overall today was a great day, and we are really hoping that tomorrow, on his 2 week birthday, Walker will have another wonderful day! 


  1. He is so beautiful. I look at him and remembet my great granddaughter, who also was born at 26 weeks. I know how excited you get. Praying for all of you.

  2. Walker is absolutely amazing, as is his parents and his grandparents, and all of the family and friends of the Pruetts and Walkers. It is AMAZING to watch him grow and achieve. I keep using the word AMAZING! I don't know all of you, just Ricky primarily, but you are all very special and very dear. Keeping Walker Colt Pruett (love the name) in my thoughts and prayers. <3

  3. Walker is amazing! Love to,all of you. In my prayers and thoughts always! Erica and Jarred what can I say, I love you all and I am so glad I am a small part of your lives