Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 12

The morning started off well, Mommy got to talk to Walker’s doctors and get a good report on her lil fella.  He is doing very well, and still continuing to be on the NIPPV-CPAP with his rate of 25 reminders puffs every minute, and he is doing well at keeping his oxygen concentration down!  He also did great with his 5cc feedings, so this afternoon at 4:30 they upped the lil guy again to 6cc.  Hopefully we can get him fattened up!  

Although Walker was doing very well all day, it was still a little hard for Mommy because Daddy had to go back to work today.  He was able to come by first thing this morning, to tell Walker goodbye, before him and Papa headed back to Martinsville to work.  But when he isn’t here Mommy and Walker miss him terribly.  Daddy does have an excellent stand in, Granny, who has been invaluable through everything and stayed with Mommy and Daddy doing whatever she can to help.  From laundry, to driving Mommy, to hanging out in the hospital, Granny has been there through it all and there aren’t enough words to say thank you for all she has done!

Right before lunch Mommy was able to get kangaroo time with Walker for around an hour.  He did very well with maintain his temperature while he was out, but he did give Mommy one little scare.  When he is on his NIPPV sometimes if he doesn’t keep his mouth closed it can cause his oxygen to fall lower than the nurses like.  Today he was having that problem, so the nurse gave him a pacifier to help him keep his mouth closed.  He did well with it for a few minutes but then he started really enjoying the pacifier and sucking and then his oxygen and heart rate dropped.  The nurse rushed right over and took the pacifier out and his rates went right back up but not before Mommy’s heart skipped a beat.  The nurse explained this is very normal because babies as young as Walker can’t suck and breathe at the same time.  This calmed Mommy down some, however she has now outlawed pacifiers for the lil guy!!

Walker also had a visit from Mary Ann Peak who got to see Mommy kangarooing Walker and even helped watched him while Mommy and Granny went and made a sandwich in the Ronald McDonald room.  Walker really enjoyed his visit and Daddy hated that he missed seeing Mary Ann!
After the excitement this morning, Walker had a fairly calm afternoon and behaved so Mommy’s nerves could have a break!  He got to end his day on a good note with more kangaroo time.  Since Daddy was at home working and doing things around the house, it was Granny’s lucky day and she was able to finally get a chance to get her hands on lil Walker.  She could barely contain herself with tears of joy.  She was on cloud nine being able to hold her very first grandchild for the first time!  Granny was amazed at how light Walker felt when he is on your chest, and how amazing it is to feel him moving and breathing against your skin!

Overall it was another great day, and we are so thankful to God for each good day he allows Walker to have.  We also want to thank everyone for the continued prayers, we know how important they are to Walker, and we can’t say thank you enough!


  1. Grandma looks so proud! Please know that the Cassady's have Little Walker (along with Walker's family) in our prayers!

  2. Kerry, I mean Granny, looks like she's in heaven. Save some Walker love for me. Love ya, Nette