Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 11

Daddy and Papa watched Baby Walker today as Mommy had to go to doctors appointment, get Walker added to insurance, and go to Collinsville Primary for her baby shower.  Mommy got a good report from her doctor and was able to get all her errands done with time enough to see her students, which really brightened her day!  She had a wonderful shower at CP with all her coworkers and got some great gifts for baby Walker, it was so great to see everyone for the first time in two weeks and feel their support and concern for Walker.

Back at the hospital, baby Walker had another fantastic day! He's now eating every drop of 5cc of Mommy's milk every three hours, starting at 4:30 today!  Every 24 hours that he tolerates his feeding amount they will go up by 1cc. His breathing on his NIPPV at 40% oxygen with a  rate of 25 still.  They tried to drop his rate down to 20 last night, but Walker wasn't very happy with that so they bumped him back up to 25.  The nurses are saying he is doing very well for a 26 week old baby. We know without the prayers of our family and friends and the help of God, Walker wouldn't be doing so well. 

Because he has been doing so well, we can now do 2 kangaroo sessions a day.  So Daddy got to start his day off with a great kangaroo session, his stats dropped down and were great the whole time and he did well with maintaining his temperature!  Throughout the rest of the day he did well with keeping his stats down and just having a calm day, he was waiting on Mommy to get back and behaving so she would have a chance to hold him!

Mommy got to hold him for over and hour and he did wonderful the whole time.  His temperature said stable and his oxygen stayed low, Daddy even got to adjust the machine which he loved!  Daddy also read him a story, and Granny and Papa talked to him and gave him kisses!  After his kangaroo time, he got a diaper change and Mommy wiped his mouth clean and the nurse tucked him in tight for the night!

What a great day for Walker!  We pray that God will keep giving us day after day like this, so we can watch our little boy growing stronger and bigger!

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