Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 30

Today, Mommy and Daddy got to spend all day with little man. This morning, Walker was still on his nasal cannula and he was at 23% oxygen (room air is 21%) and the nurse told them that Walker had been on 21% for a good part of the night! Mommy and Daddy were so proud of their little man! 

Daddy was so excited to get to hold Walker for the first time with his cannula and get to rub his soft head. He could finally see his little face at the same time he was holding him. Daddy and Walker hung out for over an hour and Daddy took a little nap with Walker on his chest. Between the warm blankets and the relaxing feeling of Walker on Daddy's chest, it didn't take long.  It is such an amazing feeling to get to hold your son even for only an hour!

After lunch, Pastor Payton and his son, Levi, came to visit Walker. We truly miss our church family at Gospel Baptist and they have been so good to us through this whole situation.  We have had visits and Jerry one of the deacons has even mowed our yard for us!  It means so much to know we have their love, support, and most importantly prayers and we hope to be able to see them soon.

Walker did well all day. He only had a few episodes and none that needed any help he was able to self recover. The nurse said that these are due to his reflux and you can definitely tell, the poor little guy will actually reflux some milk back into his mouth.  They have spread his feedings out over and hour and unless it gets really bad they won't put him on any medicine so for now Walker just has to work through it.

Granny and Papa came to see little Walker this afternoon and they got a real treat of getting to see Mommy and Daddy give the lil guy a bath.  He has had baths before, but we have never been able to bath him and Mommy was beyond excited to do it for the first time.  It's hard to believe that tomorrow he will be a month old and we haven't been able to bathe him yet, but it only makes it more special for us!  

Right now because he is still so little its really more of a sponge bath, they don't put him actually into the tub until he gets a little bigger.  He got all new bedding and new sensors and probes which made him smell better already.  The little guy tolerated getting all wet, and even seemed to like getting rubbed down with the soap.  It is amazing how he can get dirty, but boy did he need a bath!  After we got him all cleaned up then we rubbed him down with some baby lotion and had that boy smelling like a million bucks!  We wrapped him up in some blankets and moved him over to a new bed that nurse had ready for him.  We put a little blue hat on his sweet head, and got him all tucked in.  After his bath and on his new clean bed we know he will sleep great tonight!  What a blessing it is for us to be able to enjoy these special moments with our amazing son!

Kangaroo time with Daddy!

Most beautiful face we've ever seen 
Getting clean, no pictures please!

One clean and wet boy, getting dried off.

Hey what's this thing?

Good night Daddy, thanks for the bath!

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