Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 35

Today the goal for Walker was to have a stable day of resting and working on his breathing and feeding.  During rounds this morning Mommy and Granny talked to the doctors who decided to stop Walker's antibiotics which he had been on for almost three days.  They decided to stop since both his blood and urine cultures were still negative and Walker has started acting like his old self!

His respiratory therapist also suggested that since he had been on 21% oxygen with his pressure of 6 for around 48 hours that they go ahead and turn him back down to a pressure of 5 today.  The doctor agreed and said if he did will with that throughout the day, then tomorrow they would try the nasal cannula again.  Walker did well all day with his new pressure and only got up to 24% oxygen so we are hoping that he behaves all night.  When Mommy left tonight he was back down to 22%, so tonight she is going to dream about seeing and touching that sweet boy's head in the morning!

Walker also had a visit today from the Gary's who he loves!  Sandy and Taylor Jo loved looking in on little man and were surprised at how much he had grown and how active he was!  They loved looking at his sweet little feet moving all around.  Mason was excited to see Walker's baseball themed bed today and thought it was perfect!  Tim was amazed and how much lil man had grown and how well he was doing since he had seen him since he was only 2 days old.  It's amazing how far Walker has come and how many obstacles he has already overcome!  As always, Mommy enjoys these visits just as much as Walker, and it means so much to see the friendly faces of people who are just like family to us!!

If you saw the earlier post that Daddy put up today, then you know that Mommy was on the news.  Deneen from Capturing Hopes, a nonprofit that photographs baby's in the NICU, had her equipment stolen yesterday.  She was interviewed by a local station WXII 12 and asked if Mommy would do an interview as well to give the perspective of a NICU mom that was directly affected by this, 3 days worth of photos of Walker were lost along with Deneen's cameras.  Please check out that post and if you can donate to Capturing Hopes, such a wonderful organization that provides and invaluable service to families in the NICU!

Walker did well with his feedings and got lots of good rest for the most part today.  He was active when it was time to check his vitals and do diaper changes, which is good we like to see him act a little feisty!  He did well with his feedings all day and we are hoping that this continues.  Please pray that he has a good night and that tomorrow he is able to go back to the nasal cannula and STAY!

Good morning Mommy!

Baseballs and Camo...what a boy!

Hopefully get to see this sweet face all day tomorrow!

Hey y'all!

Good night everyone!

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