Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 25

Today was another good day for Walker.  He did very well over night and didn't have any episodes that his nurse had to help him, he was able to self recover and continue breathing on his own with the CPAP!  What great news for Mommy and Daddy to hear about their lil man!

This morning during rounds the doctors discussed Walker's progress and how well he was doing on the CPAP and with his feedings he was up to 12cc at 12:00 today, what a hungry boy!  Hopefully if this continues through the night the doctors are going to try to remove his PICC line tomorrow which Mommy and Daddy are really excited about.  He did have some swelling today on his left hand right below where the PICC line goes into his arm so we are definitely ready to see that thing go!

The doctors also did an xray of his belly to make sure everything still looked good and Walker was okay to continue with progressing his feeds.  After looking at the xray, they said his belly looks good and he is able to continue eating.  He will be able to keep adding 1cc every 12 hours, so tonight at midnight he will be up to 13cc, until he reaches his maximum of 16cc at each feeding for now.The doctors are also going to recheck his hemoglobin tomorrow since it was 8.1 yesterday.  We are hoping that with the extra iron they have been giving him he won't need a transfusion tomorrow, but we will have to wait and see!

Walker has also grown about 1 1/2 inches since he was born, and he is up to 13.3 inches long!  When they checked his weight it is also up to 1 lb 14.7oz, we can't wait for the lil guy to get up to 2lbs!

It was Mommy's turn hold Walker tonight. She was so proud to feel him breathing on his very own on her chest, what an AMAZING feeling! It was so sweet to feel his little chest moving under his own power. He kept up his levels the entire time too and maintained his temperature and oxygen level!

We also got to see his sweet little face and head tonight too!  The respiratory therapist took off the CPAP mask and also the hat that helps hold it on so we got to see the lil guy's whole head for the first time in a couple of weeks, very exciting! The CPAP mask pressing on his face makes it a little puffy around the eyes (We think Mommy's milk has something to do with those cute little cheeks though).

Doing his push ups!

Wide awake

No pictures please!

Mommy wanted to touch his sweet head!


  1. He is so sweet. Gods little miracle. Anyone who doesn't believe in God should only see. this amazing little person. God bless u all.

  2. I am praying hard for this sweet little boy. Hang in there everyone, they are great at the NICU, they took good care of my grandson.