Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 13

Today was another good day for little Walker.  He was missing his Daddy, but he decided to be on his best behavior until he returned this afternoon.  He had a great day on his NIPPV-CPAP machine and is still holding on his rate of 25 but he was able to keep his oxygen down around 30% pretty much all day.

Mommy got to hold him this morning for over an hour, and Walker did a great job maintaining his temperature, it was actually higher than what his heated bed keeps him at!  He also did great keeping his oxygen down while Mommy was holding him and didn't even have his oxygen turned up!

Overall it was a really calm day for little Walker and he did exactly what he was supposed to all day.  He did great again with his 6cc feedings and at 4:30 they increased him to 7cc which is great for such a lil guy!  The nurse said if he can maintain this level for a few days then he can possibly go off some of his other fluids that they give him daily, because he would be getting what he needed from Mommy's milk.  This would be great because it would mean they could remove the PICC line that is in Walker's arm, which would make Mommy and Daddy very happy.  So please pray that Walker can continue doing well with his feeds and get that line out!

This evening Daddy and Papa came to see lil Walker and he was very excited to see them!  He did a great job maintaining his stats and Papa even got to change his first diaper!  Walker was kind enough to leave him a special present!!  Walker finished off his good day with some much needed kangaroo time, especially for Daddy.  He settled right in on Daddy's chest and then didn't even have to turn up his oxygen when they moved him from his crib.  I think he is getting use to this kangarooing thing and really starting to enjoy it.  While he was hanging out on Daddy's chest he even worked up another "big job" and Daddy got to change his diaper after holding him!  Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day for lil man!

Walker Colt Pruett on PhotoPeach

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