Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 36

This morning Mommy couldn't wait to get to the hospital to check and see if Walker was on the cannula.  When she arrived Walker was settled in and doing great on the cannula and boy did his head and face look so sweet!  Throughout the day he was able to do well with his breathing and kept his oxygen at 28% or below all day.  He did well with his feeds and was doing better with them spaced out over two hours to help with his reflux.

Also this morning Deneen from Capturing Hopes came by to take Walker's picture and she had her camera with her!  The man had seen the story on the new and decided to return her camera back to the mall.  She got all of her equipment back and the memory cards with all the photos also, so amazing.  If you would like to donate to Capturing hopes check out the post from yesterday and click on the go fund me link, they are an amazing nonprofit organization that provides such a wonderful service for families with babies in the NICU!

After lunch Mommy got to kangaroo Walker for a little over an hour and there is no better feeling in the world.  I have been looking forward to kangarooing him on the cannula again every since he went back to CPAP.  It is amazing getting to feel his soft face and even softer head right on your skin and being able to rub his velvety hair is truly wonder.  He did a good job maintaining his temperature while he was out and seemed to really enjoy his kangaroo time too!  After he went back it was time for a diaper change and Mommy decided to let Granny do this one, boy was that a good decision!  Walker decided he needed to do a "big job" about the time that Granny was taking the diaper off and boy what a big mess that lil boy made!

This afternoon we had a visit from Teena, who plays bunco with Mommy and Granny.  She was very excited to see the little guy and thought he was adorable, we agree!  Daddy and Papa weren't far behind and they were very excited to see the little guy on his cannula again!  They also loved being able to see his sweet face and head and got to see him wide awake.  It is amazing to see him moving his eyes around and trying to focus on different things, he also has tons of precious facial expressions!

Tonight Mommy and Daddy got to give him a bath which is one of our favorite things to do.  It is so neat to hold the little guy in your arms and wash his sweet head, and then to put him in the "tub" and get to wash and rise his sweet little skin!  It is such a wonderful thing for us because it has such a feeling of normalcy and it is one of the times we feel like we are getting to care for Walker, when so often it feels like the nurses are doing a lot of his care.

Today was a great Friday and we hope that Walker can stay on the cannula and continue to gain weight, he is still holding tight at 2lbs. 2ozs even after going off the CPAP and without that extra weight!  Please continue to pray for Walker, we know he wouldn't be where he is today without all the prayers that are being lifted for him!

Sweetest smiling face we've ever seen!
Wide awake!

Can't stop staring at this little guy!
Giving Walker a bath!
Washing little man's sweet head!

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  1. You don't know how much seeing Walkers progress means to me!! He is looking better everytime I see the new photos. He will have such a great story to tell about his early beginning at show and tell. lol. I can help him make a good poster! lol. Yall take care and love the three of yall!!!