Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 16

Walker was resting much better today. They are still waiting on the results from the blood cultures, but he seems to be doing some better. His color was better and he was a lot more active than he was yesterday. He is still on the antibiotics and not able to take any milk from Mommy, but he still seems like he is feeling slightly better.

The nurses still watched him closely throughout the day to monitor his condition.  After the blood transfusion his hemoglobin was up to 11, from 8 yesterday.  His weight was also up to 1 lb. 10oz., but because he isn't getting any feedings he will probably go back down with his weight.

Walker got visited today by his great Aunt Jeanette and his cousin Justin, his great grandparents Mamaw and Papaw Pruett also visited him and got to see Daddy during his kangaroo time. Uncle David got to see Walker again after finishing up at JMU for the semester and coming down for Mother's Day weekend. 

Granny Kerry and Papa Ricky got to be with little man today and help take care of Mommy and Walker. Daddy got to hold Walker this morning and Papa got to hold Walker for the very first time tonight!  He even sang Walker a lullaby and Walker's stats stayed great the whole time he was out on Papa's chest!

Please continue to pray that lil Walker continues to improve and they can nail down exactly what the infection was. Thank you all for the prayers and continued prayers, we know Walker would not be where he is today without them!

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