Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 10

Our Sunday started off great at church surrounded by our new friends at Ardmore Baptist Church. They have been so kind to us over the past week while we have been here at the NICU.   We have had visits from Betty Wright an old family friend and the Transition Minister with Youth, Paul Mullen the Associate Minister of Congregational Care, and Ellen Price one of the members at Admore.  They have been so friendly and welcoming to us, and we truly appreciate having a church where we feel at home, so far away from home; what a blessing from God!

After church, we went to check in on Walker and see how he was doing on his NIPPV-CPAP overnight and today.  The nurse said he was doing well and they even turned the rate of his reminder breaths from 30 down to 25 per minute.  They also decided he was doing so well with his 3cc feedings that at his 4:30 feeding they were going to up him to 4cc, what a hungry lil fella!  He was able to decrease his oxygen concentration throughout the day down to 42% and stay pretty steady with that number.  He also ate all 4cc at 4:30 and they were able to continue giving him that amount at his 7:30 feeding, Mommy's milk must be hitting the spot!

Walker also had visits from grand parents and great grandparents today, and also his great aunt Laurie, and his cousin Tiffany and her children.  It was great for Walker to get to see everyone and he kept his rates good throughout all the visits, showing off for his visitors, who were amazed at how little and perfect Walker was, of course Mommy and Daddy agree!

Overall, it was a pretty good day for the lil guy and it ended well with Mommy getting some always needed kangaroo time with Walker!  He was snuggled in on Mommy's chest for a little over and hour, and did pretty well with maintaining his temperature with the help of Mommy and some heated blankets.  It is so great to enjoy the kangaroo time with Walker on the NIPPV-CPAP machine because you can hear, and even better, feel him breathing all on his own!  Also, because he doesn't have the breathing tube anymore, he can make sounds again and Mommy and Daddy love to listen to his tiny cooing sounds and even his lil cries when he gets mad at the nurses!  Check out the video that Daddy took as they were putting him back in his bed, and listen closely for his tiny cries, we can't get over how precious that little sound is!

Thanks again to everyone who reads Walker's blog and is praying for him and us daily it means more to us than you know!  Also thanks to everyone for the messages, texts, and calls we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, support, and prayers for our lil Walker, and give all the glory to God for everything his is during through our tiny son!

Walker Crying


  1. That was such a precious sound. praying for u all.

  2. Oh how sweet to hear that little voice!!!! He is a little fighter and I just love him!!!!

  3. Victoria JenkinsMay 8, 2014 at 7:22 PM

    Poor sweet baby! What an adorable cry. I've been praying for you guys ♡