Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 23

Walkers day started off with Mommy and Daddy checking on the little guy this morning. Walker thought Mommy looked pretty, but Daddy told him that he always thought she looked pretty.

Walker got to hang out with the menfolk today since Mommy and Granny went back to Martinsville for a shower for Baby Walker. Daddy, Papa, and Uncle David hung out with little man while they were gone. He had a great day especially in comparison to yesterday. His rate was still at 30 breaths a minute, but his level stayed in the upper 30s and lower 40s all day long. The Nurse Practitioner David (not Uncle David) came by to tell us that Walker's episodes yesterday was a common occurrence in preemies, and that overall, Walker is "normal" preemie.  While they keep saying that these instances where Walker temporarily stops breathing are "normal" it is still very hard for Mommy to get use to.

Mommy had a very good shower thanks to Mamaw Pruett, Mimi, his great granny Terry, Suzanne, Wanda, Laurie, and Tiffany, and Aprille who made delicious cupcakes!  Walker got lots of good gifts and things he will be able to use when it is time to come home!  Mommy had fun, but she was really missing Walker and ready to get back to see him!

Later in the afternoon, Joel and Rita Bateman, who go to church with Granny and Papa, came by to see Baby Walker and brought cupcakes!  Again, we have been blessed with so many friends to drop by and see our little man!

When Mommy got back to see little man she was able to change his diaper and Daddy got to kangaroo him for the night. The whole time Daddy was holding him his stats looked great, and he was really enjoying his kangaroo time on Daddy's chest.  Overall, it was a good day, and we are hoping it continues overnight.

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