Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 27

Today as Daddy wasn't here he was at work but heading down tonight.  Mommy and Granny got to the hospital to check on little man and talk to the doctors.  After talking to the doctors it looked like Walker was going to have a great day!  He even made it into the 2lbs. club over night!!  However it didn't take long to see that Walker had a very different plan for the day.  

He had several episodes that required the nurse to give him a good spanking and remind him to breath.  He also had several destats where his oxygen level dropped really low and he had to work pretty hard to get it back up.  Mommy tried to kangaroo the little guy but he just couldn't get settled in and didn't get much time with Mommy.  This behavior continued all morning and the nurse and doctor decided to recheck his hemoglobin today to see if that is why he was having trouble with his breathing.  They took labs and found out his hemoglobin was only 7.0 which was way down from the previous day.  So even though they had found that he was making his own, his little body couldn't produce enough to keep up.

Mommy was upset about him having to get blood because this meant he would have to stop his feedings and she was worried about the little guy and his episodes. He had gotten to eat at 11:30 his first time with 16cc but after that they stopped his feedings until 6:00am tomorrow.  The doctor did tell Mommy and Granny that when he started his feedings back in the morning he would be able to go right back to 16cc which made them feel better.  They gave him his transfusion at 3:00 and his breathing almost immediately got better!  It was a rough day for lil Walker but the afternoon was much better.

He also got a visit from Jane who plays bunco with Mommy and Granny, who was very excited to see the little guy.  She visited with him for a while and even got to see the little man on his belly TURN HIS HEAD OVER!!!  We were so impressed and excited to see it, and it made Mommy get a big smile on her face after a long stressful day.  He was doing a lot better and his oxygen was down to 22%, that blood sure did help!  He also got a visit from Mimi and Bart, who were excited to see how much better the little guy was doing.  

The little guy got settled in and had a pretty quiet night, we can't wait until the little guy can get back to eating in the morning so he can stay in the 2lb club.  

Please keep praying for Walker as we continue on this roller coaster ride that is life in the NICU!

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