Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 21

Today Walker was 29 weeks old!  It is hard to believe that we have been in Winston for over 3 weeks, and tomorrow the lil guy will be 3 weeks old!  Daddy went by to see Walker on his way to work this morning and the nurse told him that he had a fairly quiet night with no episodes.  That sure did make Daddy feel good as he headed back to Martinsville to get to work.

The rest of Walker's day was pretty calm and he behaved himself!  His stats did go up and down throughout the day, but overall he did well with keeping it in a good range.  He was doing well with his feeds so at 12:00 the upped him to 4ml and then tonight at midnight he will go up to 5ml.  The will go up 1ml every 12 hours as long as he continues to tolerate it well.  So hopefully by Saturday morning he will be back up to 8ml, which is where he was before he got the infection last Friday.  His weight was also up to 1lb. 11.9oz which is a very good thing!

Walker also had a visit from his great grandparents Mamaw and Papaw Pruett who just love the lil guy to pieces!  They hung out with Mommy and Granny for a while and really enjoyed watching Walker and even seeing him with his eyes wide open.  The highlight of the visit had to be when a nervous Mamaw watched Papaw change Walker's diaper.  He did a great job, the nurse called him a pro, way to go Papaw!  It is truly amazing for Walker to have such wonderful great grandparents in his life!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty calm, and after talking to the nurse practitioner Gary, Mommy decided to hold Walker this evening.  After two days, she was more than ready to get him on her chest and snuggled in tight.  The nurse got him out around 6:30 and he was not happy about it at all!  He fussed and wiggled at first even lifting his whole head off Mommy's chest!  It only took a minute though and he was settled right in!  There is no way to describe the feeling of getting to hold Walker, something that is normally a part of daily life for other parents becomes such a special and cherished moment.  The hour that Mommy gets to hold him is far and away the best hour of the whole day and makes everything else completely worthwhile!  

After his kangaroo time, Walker got settled back into bed and the respiratory therapist cleaned out his mouth and nose and he was ready to be tucked in for the night!

Please continue to pray that Walker is able to stay stable with his breathing, and continue to improve with his feedings!

Mamaw looking in on Walker

Papaw changing a diaper

Mommy kangarooing

Last night sucking my thumb, tonight all my fingers!

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