Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 28

This morning Mommy was anxious to see how Walker had done over night after getting his blood transfusion.  The nurse said that lil man had behaved all night and rested well.  He was able to start his feeds back at 7:30 this morning, he started back with his full volume of 16cc.  He was ready to get some of that good milk in his belly for breakfast.

Walker is having some issues after they start his feedings with his stats dropping, the doctors think this is due to his reflux.  This is pretty common in preemies so to help they are spreading the time they pump his feeds from 30 minutes to an hour.  Hopefully this will help Walker to not have the reflux as bad and help him keep his stats up.

He had a good day with his stats and kept his oxygen percentage at 23 all day which is great because room air is only 21%.  He had a visit from close family friend Gloria Ashby who hung out with Mommy and Granny and Walker for most of the day.  Everyone was very glad that Walker was having such a good day today after having to get blood yesterday.  Since he was behaving so well the respiratory therapist decided to try to lower the pressure on his CPAP machine.  He was on a pressure of 6 and she lowered his pressure down to to 5 which is lowest they will go on the CPAP.  After she lowered the pressure his oxygen concentration went up a little to between 20-31% which the respiratory therapist said was normal with the lower pressure.  We are really hoping he will be able to maintain this lower pressure through the night and continue on trucking!

This afternoon Granny and Gloria stayed with Walker, while Mommy  headed to town.  Mommy got to see her friends April and Mark who just became parents on Sunday to a beautiful baby girl.  Ralei Ann is absolutely perfect and it was amazing to get to meet and hold her, although it was very strange for Mommy to hold a baby with no cords and wires!  Mommy also went to a Rainbow Sparkle Fundraiser hosted by Nisamar Sechrist who also works at Collinsville Primary.  It was wonderful to see everyone come out to support lil Walker and make some great necklaces.  There was also Thirty One and Scentsy and everyone really enjoyed themselves.  We are so incredibly thankful for the amazing outpouring of support we have received, we are beyond blessed by the love and support we that are constantly shown and it helps us through the ups and downs of life in the NICU.  We can not express how every single message, text, facebook post, call, visit, gift, or just kind word means to us and we are beyond blessed by each of you!

We know you will continue to pray for Walker, an for us!

Eyes wide open, looking at Mommy

Love this boy to the moon and back!

Gloria with Walker

I could stare at him all day long!

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