Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 26

This morning Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital bright and early to talk to Walker's doctors to see how the lil guy was doing.  They had checked his hemoglobin a couple of days ago and it was 8.1 the rechecked it this morning and it was up to 8.6 so they decided to do another test to see if he was making his own blood cells and that was the reason for the increase or if it was an error in the test.  They were trying to decide whether Walker would need a blood transfusion and also when they could take out his PICC line which had started to cause a little swelling in his hand.  After getting the result for the second test it confirmed that Walker was making his own red blood cells, and so they wouldn't need to do a transfusion!  This also meant because he is doing so well with his feedings they didn't need to give him any extra nutrients through the PICC line and they could take that out!

Walker was up to 14cc today which he did really well with all day long and tonight at midnight he goes up to 15cc which is about half an ounce!  Tomorrow at noon he will reach his max which is 16cc, until he gets a little bigger.  He also did several "big jobs" today which lets us know that every thing is working well on the inside!

After talking to the doctors and getting good news about lil man, Mommy and Daddy headed back to town.  Daddy had to go to work and Mommy wanted to go see her first grade students on their awards day.  Mommy really enjoyed seeing all her students and them getting their awards.  She has really missed them the last few weeks, but lil Walker needs her and everyone has been so wonderful and understanding!

After awards it was time for Mommy to head back and see how Walker had been behaving for Granny.  When she got back Granny had some soft music playing and was singing to the little guy, which he seemed to like!  He is still doing really well on his CPAP machine with his breathing, and he seems more alert and awake with his eyes open!  Walker had a quiet rest of the evening and we are hoping these good days will continue!

I am filling out, a lot less wrinkles!

Trying to suck on that thumb

Mommy turning me over for my diaper change, she is an old pro!

Eyes wide open during kangaroo time with Granny!

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