Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 34

Today started off with us talking to Walker's doctors and getting about the same report we got yesterday.  Everything looked about the same and he was continuing to act more like himself.  They were also concerned about him having a couple of random low blood sugars here and there and having some trouble maintaining his temperature a couple of times.  The doctor decided to do another set of labs on him this morning to check all his levels and she added an additional test to check and see if the issue could be something with Walker's stomach.  All the tests came back good and the only thing they could find was that his potassium was low, so they started giving him potassium orally this afternoon in his feeding tube.

The doctors really don't have any explanation for why Walker was acting sort of sickly for the last couple of days, but we are just hoping that he is on the mend.  He acted much more like himself today and was fighting some when it was time for diaper changes or when Mommy cleaned his mouth!  We like to see the guy active and alert and showing some spunk!

Walker also had visits from Pat, Carrie, and Kasey who Mommy teaches first grade with at Collinsville Primary.  They really loved getting to visit little Walker and Mommy really enjoyed spending time with them and catching up.  They went over and above when Mommy had to miss the last few weeks of school to be with Walker, they took care of lesson plans and any and everything that needed to be done.  I can't express how thankful that I am for all that they did so that I could be with Walker and focus on him, what great teammates!

Walker was able to get kangaroo time with Daddy this afternoon, which was much needed for them both!  When the nurse took Walker out he did extremely well, and settled right in on Daddy's chest.  His oxygen remained on 21% the whole time he was out, they didn't have to turn him up at all, and he rested well.  Looking at the picture below I am not sure who enjoyed the kangaroo time more, Walker or Daddy!

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet, and Walker behaved.  His oxygen stayed on 21%, which is the same as room air, all afternoon and his CPAP pressure is at 6.  We are hoping that if he continues to keep his oxygen down they will try turning his pressure back down to 5.  Walker had a quiet evening and only had one episode while Mommy and Daddy were at supper, but he was able to self recover and the nurse didn't have to intervene which is good.

Please continue to pray that God will give Walker the strength to return to the cannula and stay on it, and to give his little body strength to grow each day.

Working that tongue! 

Don't know who is enjoying this more, Walker or Daddy!

Look at that precious face!

Mommy cleaning his face!

Good night everyone!


  1. He is so handsome! I just love preemies!

  2. Walker is so precious! Praying daily for Walker to get stronger and well. Love to you all. oxoxoxox Phyllis Schlueter