Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 32

Daddy came by this morning to check on Walker on his way to work and the nurse told him that he did ok during the night on the CPAP.  She said he had a couple of episodes but they were all self recovered and that he had behaved during the night.  When Mommy arrived and talked to the doctors they said that maybe lil Walker just got tired out on the cannula, which is a common occurrence, and they would try again in a few days if he behaved.  They said his lab worked looked good and hopefully he would have a good day!

Walker had visits from Mommy's best friend Jodie and Raylan and Brandi.  They had a good visit with the lil guy and he was happy to see them.  It was also really good for Mommy to get some much needed laugh with good friends!  Walker also got a visit from Mrs. Barbour and Mrs. Moyer who work with Mommy at Collinsville Primary.  They were so amazed at Walker and really enjoyed visiting with him.  They said a prayer for Walker and he opened his eyes and waved goodbye to them!  Then Mamaw and Papaw Pruett came to see the lil guy, its hard being such a loved little boy.  They hung out with him for a while this afternoon and took turns staring at his sweet face, they can't wait to get him good and spoiled!

Walker behaved for all his company, but this afternoon he decided to start acting up.  His color wasn't good and he was acting wimpy with not a lot of fight when the nurses checked his vitals.  The nurse practitioner ordered and xray, a blood and urine culture, and checked his blood sugar.  Everything looked good on the xray, his lung volume looked a little low, so she decided to turn his PEEP on the CPAP back up to instead of the 5 he had been on to give him so extra pressure for his lungs.  His blood sugar was down to 34 so she started an IV and gave him some dextrose to help get that back up where it should be.  It takes a while to see if the blood and urine cultures are going to grow anything, so she decided to go ahead and treat him with antibiotics in the mean time.

After all his tests and pokes and prods (which were hard for Mommy and Granny to watch) they got his PEEP turned up and him settled back and started his antibiotics around 7.  For the rest of the night he was pretty quiet and the nurse and nurse practitioner assured us they will keep a close watch on him and look for any changes.  They do a good job of running lots of test and covering all the bases to try and figure lil man out, but as the nurse said sometimes it comes down to a guess game and just treating his symptoms the best they can.  It would defintley make Mommy and Daddy rest much easier if they could pinpoint what is going on with Walker, but for now we are trust that he is under God's protection.  Please continue to pray with us that tomorrow we will be a better day, and Walker will be returned to his self and strength.  

Look at those sweet hands.

Great grandparents Mamaw and Papaw looking at Walker.

Walker holding onto Papaw's finger!

All tucked in, for hopefully a restful night.

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