Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 9

Today, Walker had a great day. He got to go back on the NIPPV, CPAP machine which means no breathing tube. The doctor said that he was fighting the breathing tube and it was better to let him breathe on his own. He has done so well. This was great news for Mommy as this was her hardest day yet: the first day she left her little boy. Daddy said it would be good for Mommy's sanity to get out of the hospital for a little while, but she didn't want to leave her little man behind.

After more than a little coaxing, Mommy finally left for her shower and Daddy and Papa stayed with Walker. At the shower, Mommy got lots of wonderful gifts for Baby Walker and got to show off his pictures and brag about how great he was doing! Such a proud Mama.

David, Gloria, Brice and Suzanne Ashby came down to meet Walker after the shower and Walker really enjoyed their visit!

Throughout the day, Walker did great on the NIPPV machine. He was a little frustrated with the velcro-attached elephant trunk and he kept trying to pull it off, so the doctors gave him a dose of fentanyl to help calm him down so he could focus on his breathing and growing. The nurses checked his blood-gas concentrations and said they were ideal! After that, he settled in did well with his feedings which went up to 3CCs of food starting at 5pm. By the time his 11pm feeding came around, it was completely gone! He was a hungry little man.

Daddy and Walker got to Kangaroo again tonight. Its pretty awesome to watch his vitals settle out when he lays on your chest. His heart rate and blood pressure goes down and oxygen saturation goes up. When he drifts off too sleep in your arms, there is nothing better in this world.

We would really like the thank Michelle Dove Robinson who walked in honor of Walker at the March of Dimes walk today!

Michelle Dove Robinson walking for Walker at the March of Dimes

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