Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 4

Most preemies experience a “honeymoon” period that last from 24-48 hours and then the time after can be very critical for these new babies.  So far baby Walker has remained stable and had excellent nurses monitoring him around the clock!  He has continued doing well with his small feedings and digesting his food!   He is also doing well with his “Jet Ventilator” which helps him breath by blowing 420 tiny puffs of air every minute into his tiny lungs.  He has been on this type of ventilator since his second day and it seems to be working well for him.  

Today he got another good report from his doctors and everything seems to be stable and moving in the right direction.  Along with countless visits from Mommy and Daddy and his grandparents throughout the day, Walker also got a visit from his Uncle Steve who was amazed by the strong little boy!  Each day as God helps our lil boy get stronger as only He can we fall more and more in love!  Thank you is not enough for us to say to everyone that has been there for our boy during this time, especially through prayers!


  1. I am speechless at the strength Walker has shown to be so small. Please know the prayers for him are countless!

  2. I know the feeling my youngest son was 1lb 15oz . Thoughts and prayers are with y'all. Keep faith and God will bring you through.

  3. Praying ...such perfect things in the smallest of packages