Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 3

On Sunday, Baby Walker was again stable and after Mom and Dad spoke with his doctor’s during morning rounds, it was decided they would start to try to feed him some of Mom’s milk. They started with 1cc (about an 1/8th of a teaspoon) fed through a syringe into a feeding tube in his stomach. They would check every 3 hours to see how he was digesting the milk and then decide how to proceed. The doctor’s warned Mom and Dad that feeding could sometimes be a very slow process as preemies often have a hard time processing food and could take many attempts before he would be able to do so. 

This was not the case with our strong little boy! He was able to completely digest his first feed and several other feedings that day! Only 48 hours old and already making Mommy and Daddy so proud!  He also had visits from family friends Doug and Jodie Hall who were in awe of his tiny self!  Later that afternoon he also got a visit from his Uncle and Aunt Jordan and Tori and his very excited cousin Kaden who had lots of questions and gifts for baby Walker!

Not to be forgotten, it was finally Mommy’s turn to change a diaper (something that not every first time mom would be so excited about!).  It is a scary thing changing a diaper that is no bigger than the palm of your hand, but both Mommy and Daddy are becoming pros!  Baby Walker also received his first “Report Card” detailing his progress:  He had regained about 20 grams putting him almost back to his birth weight of 1lb 3ozs and had zero episodes requiring intervention from his nurses!  All A’s as far as Mommy and Daddy are concerned!  His wonderful nurses have been so great and really work hard taking such great care of baby Walker and making sure that Mommy and Daddy feel included!


  1. Those tiny tiny feet! Most precious thing I've ever seen!! Love him already! Love, Laura

  2. A precious little gift from God! Those tiny feet...and is that a wedding band on his arm??

  3. Yes that is Jared's wedding band, all the way to his shoulder with room to spare!

  4. The Lovell's sending you many prayers and love each day. He is precious.