Saturday, July 19, 2014

12 Weeks Old

Sorry for the late post, Mommy and Daddy are just enjoying every minute of finally being at home with their little man!

Sunday night, our first night at home went really well.  Walker is great at his three hour schedule, the doctors say we have to keep waking him up to eat every three hours so he can keep gaining weight. He got a visit from Mimi and Bart and also Mamaw and Papaw Pruett they were all excited to see the little guy at home!  Walker did great with his eating and Mommy and Daddy were able to get a little sleep, but still worried about the little guy during the night.

Monday went well too, it is such a comfortable and wonderful feeling to have Walker home with us, and we feel like after 80 long days our family is right where we should be.  We got to give Walker his first good and proper scrub in the tub and he really didn't seem to mind it, he is pretty laid back like his Daddy!  Throughout the day Walker did great taking bottles and eating really well each time, this boy will be fat in no time!  Mommy got to cook a good lunch of fresh things out of the garden, she has really missed cooking and Daddy has missed eating it!  Daddy got to let the chickens free range and work out in the coop, working outside around the house is something he has really missed too.  Walker got to sit outside on the porch and take it all in, the chickens and dogs in the yard, the cows across the road, the sun and the breeze!  Overall it was a perfect first day together, home as a family!

Tuesday, Walker continued to do well with his eating this boy has always known how to eat! During the day it was pretty quiet, Walker was just eating and growing.  This afternoon we had Walker's, first of many, doctors appointment at his pediatricians in Roanoke.  We were excited to see how much the boy has gained since we left the hospital, he was up to 4lbs 11.5ozs.  That means he has gained about 3oz since we left the hospital which is really good!  The pediatrician was able to answer all of Mommy and Daddy's questions, and said that Walker looked really good and was doing well.  She also suggested that we give him the rota virus vaccine, to ensure that this winter he doesn't end up with that horrible stomach bug which could do a number on him.  It was a liquid vaccine and Walker sucked it right down like it was candy.  Tuesday night he had another good night and got rested up for his appointments on Wednesday.

He had two appointments at Baptist today one at 8 with a special optometrist and one at 2:30 with a surgical doctor about his hernia.  In between those appointments we also met with Deneen from Capturing Hopes who did a photo shoot with Walker, we have been so blessed to have her capturing Walker's journey from the beginning with her amazing photos!  His eye appointment went well the doctor said his eyes look stable, and he will continue to see us every two weeks to make sure he continues to look good.  At his surgical appointment the doctors said they wanted to wait to fix his hernia until January when we was about 60 weeks old because that significantly lowers the risks once babies are passed that age.  His photo shoot with Deneen also went well, and she got some amazing photos of Walker and Mommy and Daddy, and we are so thankful to her.  If you are thinking of donating to an organization we highly recommend Capturing Hopes because the service they provide for the families in the NICU is invaluable, just click on that link to give to them!  By the time all the appointments were over, we were all ready to get back home and settle in for a quiet night after a long day.  Walker was tuckered out and slept and ate well through the night.

Thursday Walker is 38 weeks old, hard to believe it is still two more weeks until his due date and we already have him home with us!  We were ready for a day around the house after all the traveling the last few days and that is exactly what we got.  Walker ate well taking around 60cc each time which is about 2oz, he is eating so well since we came home from the hospital we are really proud of him.  Mommy was able to get some laundry and cleaning caught up with the help of Granny, and Daddy was working around the yard on his tractor something he has missed in the last couple of months, and Mommy has even missed the laundry and cleaning too!  This afternoon Mommy gave Walker a bath, he really seems to love the water, and then Papa helped get the little guy lotioned down and dressed.  He is so laid back he just takes it all in and doesn't get ill unless he is hungry and ready to eat and you aren't moving fast enough for him!  Thursday evening after a quiet day at home, everyone went up to Snow creek elementary school, and luckily no one was there so we were able to take Walker for a stroll around the track there his first one!  He seemed to enjoy the ride and slept most of the time!

Friday is Walker's 12 weeks birthday, we can't believe the roller coaster we have been on over the last 12 weeks and that we have finally gotten to the point we are at now is truly a blessing from God.  Twelve weeks ago at 12:15 Walker was being born at only 1lb. 3ozs and fighting for his life, he has come such a long way and been through so much in those 12 weeks and we know that God has had his hands on this lil guy because of all the prayers!  Today was another quiet day around the house just being together and feeding our little guy.  We love all the cute little faces and noises he makes and we could sit and stare at him all day long.  He recognizes our voices and he will look at us when we talk, and follow us with his eyes when we move around, what a smart lil boy!  We have truly enjoyed every minute of getting to take care of Walker from bath time to 3am feedings, he has brought such joy into our home and we can't imagine life before he was here!  Thanks to everyone that has continued to follow Walker's progress and read the blog, and especially the prayers for him!

We are looking forward to the next week ahead with him, and we will try to be on time with our weekly Friday post next week!

First bath time at home!

He is going to kill us for this later, but too cute to handle!

Daddy drying lil man off after his bath!

Papa talking to Walker!

Daddy and Papa on diaper duty!

Granny getting some snuggle time!

Tough dude in his camo!

Daddy and Walker matching, too cute!
Uncle David, so sweet!

Milk drunk

Cool guy in his shades!

First time going for a walk.

Hanging out with Papa

Getting some time with Papaw, fussy little boy.

"Mommy loves me", no truer words!


  1. We are so HAPPY that Walker is finally home and doing so well, we can't wait to meet the little BIG man, I know that all the family and friends feel the same way, Walker is such a lucky man to have the loving and caring familty that he has. Love you all, hope to see ya real soon!!

  2. Erica- we love reading this blog and especially seeing that Walker is home! We will keep watching for post as he grows each day and gets stronger!