Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 79

Last night, Mommy and Daddy got to stay in the parenting room. Walker did well for most of the night and he ate like a champ all night. He also slept ok, unlike Mommy and Daddy who hardly slept a wink. The monitor in the parenting room had trouble reading the leads that measure his heart rate and breathing and randomly throughout the night, Walker's monitor would beep waking up Mommy and Daddy.  

Another reason Mommy and Daddy didn't get much sleep was after his 3am feeding, Walker seemed to not be feeling well. We could hear his little tummy rolling, something we hadn't been able to hear with all of the background noises of the NICU.  Walker had a belly ache and was crying on and off between his 3:00 and 6:00 feeding.  Finally, Daddy had to hold the little guy to try to help him feel better until it was time for his 6:00 feeding.  At his next feeding the little guy had a "big job" and seemed to be feeling much better.

Even though we didn't get much sleep, and we probably won't anytime soon because we have to wake Walker up every 3 hours to eat no matter what, we really enjoyed getting to spend the night with our little guy.  Mommy and Daddy can't wait to get the little guy home, where we will be more comfortable and not have all the noises and sounds to keep everyone up.

Walker had a pretty quiet day, filled with eating, sleeping, and saying goodbye to some of our favorite nurses.  While we are ready to get home, we are truly going to miss the amazing people we have met who made our son such a priority in their lives!  Granny and Papa got to hang out with Walker today too and help feed the little guy, we are very thankful for this extra help especially on a day where we were tired!

Please pray that tonight (hopefully Walker's last night in the NICU ever) goes well and Walker is able to behave and get rest for his big trip home tomorrow afternoon.  Please also pray that God would watch over us as we travel and make this transition with him!

Walker sleeping, notice Daddy sleeping in the background.

Good morning Mommy!

Papa burping the little guy!

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