Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 72

Early this morning it was time for Walker to get the second round of his 2 month immunizations.  Yesterday he only had to get one shot, but today he had to get two, one in each leg.  Walker is pretty use to sticks and pokes as he is always getting blood or giving blood.  He didn't mind it to much when the nurse stuck him, but as she started to push in the medicine the little guy whined a little bit.  It is hard on Mommy to watch after all the little guy has been through, but we know he needs the shots to help keep him from getting sick.

After his shots Daddy got to feed the little guy, and that took his mind right off those shots!  He ate well taking all 35cc, we have a good eatin boy on our hands!  He napped a lot more today than normal, but the nurses said this is probably because of the shots and his little body being worn out.

Walker had a visit from his great grandparents Mamaw and Papaw this afternoon.  They took turns holding the little guy and feeding him his bottle.  Walker was looking all around, and Mamaw and Papaw definitely had his attention!  This is such a special relationship that Walker is so blessed to have, such wonderful, loving great grandparents in his life!

This evening Walker had some self recovery episodes and had to go up on his oxygen a little bit a few times.  He only at 26cc at his 9:00 feeding and seemed pretty worn out, he barely stayed awake long enough to eat that much.  We are fairly certain that is little body is just worn out from all the shots, and the nurses are keeping a close watch on his temperature to make sure he doesn't need tylenol.  Hopefully he will get some good rest tonight, and in the morning be ready to go.

We are hoping that Walker will eat well and behave tonight, so that tomorrow hopefully we can try to get rid of his nasal cannula.  He has been staying pretty consistently at 21% which is room air, and his flow is only 100ml barely a wisp.  So hopefully he will be ready to get off that oxygen which is another huge hurdle to going home!  Please pray with us over these things!

Holding onto his blankie!
Mommy feeding a wide awake boy!

Mamaw and Papaw making the little guy grin!
Papaw burping the little guy!
Mamaw's turn!

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