Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 73

As many times as we've said it, we can't express it enough how long but also short this journey seems.  As we are getting closer to the end, we can almost see the light at the end, we cant help but think what a stressful but wonderful experience this has been.  We have met so many amazing people here in Winston, both at the hospital and other places as well, and we know we have developed some life long friendships!  Leaving for us will be bittersweet, this place has almost become a second home, but we are also extremely excited to return back home and get settled into our routine there!

We have been overwhelmed by the many acts of kindness we have received throughout this experience, things we can never truly express our gratitude for.  Tomorrow night a local restaurant Checkered Pig is having a spirit night for us from 5-8 to support Walker.  It has been amazing how giving people have been and we are truly humbled and appreciative!  We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night if you can make it out, for some always delicious bar-b-que!

Walker had a good day today, he is up to 3lbs 15.2oz so he is gaining on up each day, and very close to 4lbs!  This morning during rounds the doctor decided to keep everything the same, but to try a "room air trial" with Walker.  This is where they take them off the cannula and see how well they do, this is the last big hurdle to be able to go home.  Around 9:30 they took of his cannula and we got to see Walker's whole face for the first time in a long while!

He did well while Mommy and Daddy were gone to church at Admore Baptist (have we mention what a wonderful church and amazing group of people they are!).  Walker got a bath this afternoon and did well with his breathing for most of the day.  This afternoon he had visits from Granny and Papa who were also thrilled about getting to see that sweet little face!  Great Aunt Nette, great grandpa Pa, and cousin Justin, also came to visit this afternoon and were excited to be able to hold the little guy for the first time!  Walker did well for most of the afternoon, but did have a few dips where his stats dropped down some.

Around 7:30 Walker was destating again and the respiratory therapist decided he needed to go back on the cannula.  She put him back at 21% oxygen, so still room air, with a flow of 75ml which is what he was on this morning.  Hopefully tonight if Walker can maintain his breathing, then they will turn his flow down to 50ml.  We are excited to get him home, but we also want to move at Walker's pace to make sure he is completely ready to go home.  Just as it has been throughout this entire experience Walker is in the driver seat, and we are just along for the ride.

Please pray that Walker will soon be able to come off his cannula again, and stay off this time!

Love seeing all of that sweet face!

Eating my lunch with no cannula!

Walker and Pa, his great grandpa

Walker and his cousin Justin, so sweet!

Bath time

All clean

Art project for Walker's room, going to get all his nurses to sign it!

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