Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 74

Today was a good day for Walker and also for Mommy and Daddy.  Mommy got to leave Walker with Granny this afternoon and meet Daddy at Checkered Pig for a spirit night for Walker.  It was wonderful for us to be able to see so many familiar faces, and we truly felt surrounded by love and so much support.  It is days like today that are what keep our spirits up throughout this experience!  We got to have some fellowship with wonderful family and friends and enjoy some delicious bar-b-que, which really hit the spot.  We want to thank everyone at Checkered Pig for doing this for us, and also everyone that came out and supported lil Walker tonight!

This morning Walker was on his nasal cannula at 21% with a flow of 50, this afternoon they turned his flow down to 25ml and he stayed on 21% oxygen.  We are really hoping that today was a day of rest for Walker back on the cannula, and now that they have weaned his flow down to 25ml which is as low as it goes that tomorrow we can try again without the cannula.  We are really hoping that in the next few days Walker will be able to get off the cannula and stay off, and hopefully since we have been able to wean his flow all the way down as low as it will go this will make it easier for him.

Walker also did great with his feedings all day long, taking between 30-40cc each time.  They fill the bottle up to 40cc and let him take as much as he wants each time.  He was wide awake each time it was time to eat, he seems to know his schedule pretty well and wakes up about 10 minutes before his diaper change and feeding time.  All this good eating he is doing is helping he gain weight well.  Mommy got asked a bunch of times this evening, but when she got back to the hospital the nurse weighed him for the night and he was up to.......4lbs!  We are beyond excited for this accomplishment for the lil guy, every ounce counts and he is doing a great job at gaining weight!

This afternoon Walker also had a visit from Pastor Payton and his wife Paige, who were excited to see Walker in his open crib and get to hold him today!  They have been such a blessing to us with their faithful visits, it is truly so encouraging to us!

After Mommy got back it was time for the little guy to eat, he took 40cc at his 9:00 feeding and then drifted right off to sleep, what a good cuddle buddy!  We are hoping that Walker behaves tonight, and gets good rest so that tomorrow we can do another room air trail without the cannula.  Please pray with us that Walker is able to have the strength he needs to be permanently off the cannula!  Thanks again to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey we love y'all!

Bright eyed and ready to eat!

Pastor Payton checking out Walker.

Love those blue eyes!

Granny kisses!

Good night y'all!

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