Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 78

It was a busy day for both Walker, who is now 11 weeks old, and Mommy there were several things that had to be done to get the little guy ready to go home.  He has to have several follow up appointments with special doctors to keep a check on his eyes, his hernia, and his development.  Walker also had to have a hearing test, and a neurological assessment.  He also got a visit from Betty Wright who is a family friend that lives in Winston and has been checking up on Walker regularly!  What a busy morning for a little guy!

The hearing test involved the tech putting strange looking headphones on him, along with electrodes to measure his response to the sounds.  Walker passed with his right ear, but is going to have to be re screened for his left ear.  The nurse said this is very normal, sometimes babies can have fluid on their ear which can cause them not to pass.  They schedule him for an appointment for a re screen in a few weeks, so we are praying that will come back normal.

Walker also had a neurological exam this afternoon to check his responses to different stimulus.  The physical therapist said he did excellent and his responses were more like those of a term baby!  That means that he is right where he needs to be, because his due date isn't for another 19 days!  This was a big relief to Mommy and Daddy and we are very proud of our little guy!

This evening Mommy and Granny got to go to a Rainbow Sparkle party to support Walker, we still can't get over how amazing and giving everyone has been throughout this whole experience and we are beyond thankful.  A big thank you especially to Jackie and Leslie for everything they did to get tonight organized!  While Mommy and Granny were gone, Daddy, Papa, and Uncle David got to babysit.  Uncle David got to hold Walker for the first time and feed him a bottle, what a proud Uncle!

Walker was up to 4lbs 6.8ozs tonight which is great, maybe tomorrow he can be at 4 1/2lbs before we take him home!  Tonight was also the big night that Mommy and Daddy get to stay in the parenting room and take care of Walker all night long for the first time.  It is something that most parents get to do a couple of days after their child is born, but we have had to wait 11 weeks to get to spend a whole night with him.  We know we won't get much, if any, sleep but we are still excited about this night, and the many more to come.

Please pray with us these next few days especially that God will continue to watch over Walker as we bring him home and get adjusted to life at home!

Betty Wright holding Walker.

Headphones and electrodes for his hearing test.

Uncle David

Uncle David feeding Walker

Love that sweet face!

Mommy and Walker eating in the parenting room!

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  1. Hi-
    You don't know me, but I just read about you in the Martinsville Bulletin online. My daughter and her husband live in Martinsville, so I read the paper every day. Your story captured my attention because my son and his wife have been going through the exact same thing as you. Their baby was born on March 3 at 25 weeks, weighing 1 pound 3 ounces, just like Walker. He was in the NICU for 102 days. He is now up to almost 8 pounds and doing well. He, too, has to go in for eye exams as well as many other check-ups, but so far so good. Just like you, so many people have been praying for him all over the country, and even around the world. I'll be thinking of you and Walker!