Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 71

It is almost impossible to believe that Walker is 10 weeks old today, we have loved every minute of our extra time with him.  Today was also his first holiday, 4th of July!  We dressed the boy in a red, white,and blue baseball outfit because what is more American than baseball!  Thanks to the Gary's and Mason for picking out the adorable outfit!  Walker also gained 72 grams yesterday which means his weight is now 3lbs. 13.2ozs, what a big boy!!

This morning during rounds the doctors told us that Walker's cranial ultra sound came back normal and everything looks good.  We are so happy about this answered prayer, and because this ultra sound was normal they don't have to do any further ultra sounds.  This is such a relief for us, and we feel like a weight has been lifted.

Walker was turned down this morning to 300ml on his cannula and did great with it, he didn't have any episodes even while eating.  Since he was doing so well, this afternoon his respiratory therapist Caroline, turned him down to 200ml.  Walker did great and didn't skip a beat even though he was breastfeeding.  He is also doing excellent with his eating taking 35 each time he eats, and he is also using a term nipple which is great for a preemie!  Papa came to see the little guy today, and gave him a bottle which he sucked right down.  Then they had some Papa/grandson nap time, there is no better sleep than with this "little big guy" laying on your chest!

Walker was overdue for his 2 month immunizations, but Mommy and Daddy wanted to give the little guy some extra time to grow and get bigger, and work on his breathing.  After his ultra sound came back normal, we decided today was a good day to go ahead and do those while he is still in the hospital to be monitored afterwards.  He got his first shot at 3:30 after breastfeeding and he only whined for a second, after all he has been through a lil shot isn't so bad.  He was a little fussy this afternoon, but it didn't seem to bother him too much, although he did a few episodes, they say this is normal.  They will give him the other 2 shots tomorrow, they like to spread them out since he is still a little guy!

The doctors said that sometimes babies can run fevers or go backwards with their breathing and eating after getting the shots.  Please pray with us that this isn't the case for Walker, and he can keep trucking right along!

4th of July, 'Merica and baseball!

Good morning Daddy!

Sound asleep before his bath.

Bath time!
First time getting his fingernails cut, notice him eating Mommy's hand!

Papa giving him his bottle.

Ouch, Mom that shot hurt!


  1. Great Walker update. I'm sure gonna miss him when ya'll get to take him home. Love and Prayers to you all

  2. He is looking so good! I just love preemies!!

  3. Walker is such a handsome boy! Will continue to pray for Walker and you all. God is good always :) Phyllis Schlueter