Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 70

Walker had on a "dog-on-handsome" outfit this morning, and boy is that true!  We can't get over how adorable our little guy is and we could sit and stare at him for hours!  It is really hard to believe that Walker is 36 weeks (corrected gestational age) today, time is really flying on by!  Mommy fed Walker his bottle at 9:00, and he did great took 37cc like a champ in no time at all.  He was much better behaved this morning than yesterday, and they had turned him back down to 400 overnight.  He was able to tolerate being on 400 all day and stayed at 21%, a big change from yesterday.

During rounds this morning the doctors didn't make any changes, just discussed his cranial ultra sound which was scheduled for today.  We are really praying that this will come back good and with no problems.  The ultra sound tech came this afternoon, but we still haven't heard the results yet because the radiologist has to read the ultra sound and do a report.  Hopefully tomorrow we will hear a good report about this.

Walker had another good day hanging out with his aunts Megan, Sarah, and Abby, and his grandma Stacey.  They took turns holding and feeding the little guy, and Walker was eating up all the attention!  He looked great sporting the tractor onesie that grandma Stacey made out of his footprint!  Walker also did great eating today and took his bottles well without dropping his stats or having any episodes.

This evening Walker did well for Mommy and Daddy taking his bottles, and we just love snuggle time with out little man.  We are hoping that Walker will have another good and restful night tonight, and hopefully tomorrow, if he tolerates it, they can turn him down to 300.  Please continue to pray for more good days for Walker, and that he continues on this path of gaining and growing stronger each day.  Please also pray that his reflux will get better and that we will get a good cranial ultra sound report!

Face of an angel

Kisses from grandma Stacey

Precious tractor outfit!!

Loving from aunt Sarah

Aunt Abby, Aunt Sarah, and Daddy!

Aunt Megan feeding Walker!

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