Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 69

Walker had another good and uneventful night with no episodes which is great!  He did well with his feedings overnight, taking more than the minimum each time.  They turned him down to 500ml on his cannula and he was still at 21%, which is awesome!  Walker has really done well adjusting to so many changes. the open crib, eating by bottle, and weaning off his cannula!

This morning during rounds the doctors said they are happy with his weight gain, he is up to 3lbs. 10.5ozs.  The only change they were going to make is to wean him to 400 on his cannula today and see how he does with that.  Walker did ok with the weaning for a while, but this afternoon after his feeding episode they decided to turn him back up to 500 and maybe try again tomorrow.  They also scheduled his 36 week head ultra sound tomorrow, since he will be 36 weeks old.  Please pray with us that everything still looks good on his head ultra sound, and that there is no bleeding on his brain or any other issues.  This is something we are really praying for a positive outcome on, and we are trusting that God will answer this prayer.

Walker did great with his eating, he must have been hungry, at 9:00 he took 40cc!  He did well with the rest of his feedings for the rest of the day, a growing boy has to eat!  Walker did have a couple of self-recovery episodes but you could tell he was refluxing.  This afternoon after his 3:00 feeding he was having some serious reflux and spit up and that caused him to have a pretty major episode that the nurse had to chart.  It is hard to blame the little guy when you can see him in pain from the reflux.   At 6:00 he did great with breastfeeding and ate for almost a whole 30 minutes!  At 9:00 Daddy gave him his bottle and he ate a whole 37cc!  We can’t wait to see what his new weight overnight will be!

This afternoon Walker had a visit from his Aunts Megan, Sarah, and Abby, and his grandma Stacey.  Megan, Sarah, and Abby were excited to see Walker for the first time and grandma Stacey was excited to see how much the little guy had grown.  Everyone loved watching how well he did with eating from a bottle, and they all enjoyed holding the little guy.  Walker was eating up all the attention, and really checking everyone out!  This is going to be one spoiled little boy!

Please continue to pray for Walker, as we know you are daily, and please pray especially for the ultra sound tomorrow!

Good morning Mommy, you like my Pooh?!

Look at that, sweetest face we've ever seen!

Grandma Stacey holding the little guy!

Aunt Megan :)

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