Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 75

Seventy-five is a rather large number of anything, but when you think of days in the NICU it is really a big number!  This morning during rounds they decided that since Walker had been on a flow of 25ml and only at 21% all night they were going to try again without the cannula.  They said that if he can stay off the cannula, he won't have many more days to stay which a great (and also terrifying) thing to hear!

They also decided because of his age, size, and time on oxygen they were going to do an echo to look at Walker's heart.  This is standard and they do it with most of their preemie babies, so the doctors don't expect to see anything abnormal.  The results have to be sent to a radiologist who reads it and makes a report so it will probably be tomorrow before we hear anything.  Please pray with us that everything looks good, and Walker's heart is normal and where it needs to be.

 At around 9:30 they took Walker's cannula off again, and the little guy didn't even seem to notice.  He barely beeped all day long, and was even stating 100 while Mommy was feeding him.  He did have a few times this afternoon where he dropped below, but those looked like reflux.  Walker is also keeping his bed flat for most of the day, something else they want him to be doing before going home.  We are really hoping that Walker will be able to maintain his breathing and stats through the night and when we get back in the morning the little guy will still be cannula free!

Each day we are getting closer and closer to going home, as Walker clears obstacle after obstacle and while this is beyond exciting it is also slightly unnerving.  After 75 days of nurses and monitors the fear of the unknown as we take this lil guy home is slightly overwhelming.  When we walk out of the hospital (hopefully sometime soon) we will be doing what we have been doing through this whole experience, putting Walker in God's hands and trusting in His plan for our little guy.  Through talking to people at Checkered Pig last night, and seeing just how many people are following and praying for Walker we are overwhelmed by the power of prayer, and we know that is why Walker is where he is today!

Holding Mommy's finger while she feeds me!

Looking at Mommy, with no cannula!!

Sound asleep, love that sweet face!

Daddy feeding Walker a bottle.

Smiling with a full belly!

Starting to fall asleep, goodnight everyone!

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  1. I am so happy for u all. Walker is a beautifull child of God. Will keep praying. GOD IS GOOD-ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME- GOD IS GOOD!