Friday, July 25, 2014

3 Months Old Today!

Sunday was a good day for Walker, although Mommy and Daddy were sad they couldn't go to church, we were still excited to be home with our little guy.  The pediatrician really stressed keeping the same visiting rules as the hospital which means we can't take Walker any where there are big crowds, or children under 12.  On Sunday afternoon Uncle David came to see Walker and was making the little guy grin all over the place.  Later Uncle Jordan and Aunt Tori came to see Walker and they were amazed at how much he had grown since the last time they saw him when he was only three days old, what a drastic change!  It was a quiet day at home for us, and we truly enjoy getting to spend this time with our little guy!

Monday was Mommy's birthday and she had the best present in her arms all day.  Deneen from Capturing Hopes also made a video and told Mommy about an article in The Buzz that featured Capturing Hopes and Walker, check out the article!  What another great gift for Mommy to get on her birthday.  Monday night we had a cookout for Mommy's birthday and had Walker's grandparents and great grandparents, plus Uncle David, Aunt Jeanette, and Uncle Justin.  It was a great time to be together and everyone really enjoyed seeing how big Walker has gotten and getting to spend time with the little guy who was on his best behavior.

On Tuesday Daddy had to go back to work which was sad and Mommy and Walker missed him all day long.  Mommy and Granny had to take lil man to the doctor for his weekly appointment and weight check.  Walker was up to 5lbs. 1.5 ozs, what a big lil boy he is getting to be!  Now in the 5lb club, and he is starting to get to big for his preemie clothes and we are able to put him into newborn outfits now!  Tuesday afternoon was a quiet afternoon for Walker, he was tired because he was up a lot Monday night with a belly ache, poor guy.  Walker did well with his eating, he is taking about 2oz. each time, which is great for a little guy!  Tuesday night, he did much better with his sleeping, and Mommy and Daddy got some much needed rest between his every three hour feedings.

Wednesday, Mommy and Granny had a few errands to run in town so they took turns hanging out in the car with Walker because he still hasn't been cleared by the pediatrician to be around lots of people.  They were able to get the errands done and get back around lunch time.  After Walker ate, Mommy and granny put him on his activity mat and the little guy did really great.  He laid on his belly for a little while, but his little arms are still a little too short to reach the toys.  Then Walker had some tummy time and he was moving all over the place, he is able to turn his head over, back and forth, and will even turn towards the sound of Mommy's voice!  He is such a smart lil boy, and he isn't even supposed to be here yet!

Thursday was a quiet day at home, and Walker got another bath.  He loves bath time, and is so comfortable in the water and seems so relaxed.  We are hoping we have a water baby on our hands!  Daddy was so excited to get off work and get home to see his little guy, they sat on the porch and watched the clouds roll in, Walker is really taking in all his surroundings and everything around him!  It is so much easier on Daddy now that Mommy and Walker are at home, and it is such a good feeling to have our family all together!

Friday was another good day with Walker, and he got interviewed by the Martinsville Bulletin, there should be a story in the Sunday paper about our little miracle!  Mommy made sure she is posting on time this week, it can be very hard at times to pull ourselves away from Walker because he is such a good snuggler!  Friday afternoon, Walker got a little more outside time, he loves looking at the chickens and checking out the cows across the road.  Walker also got more tummy time on his activity mat, which is really helping him strengthen his neck, we are hoping when he takes his car seat test the first week in August he will be able to pass this time.

We know we have said it before, but we feel like we can't say it enough, we are so truly thankful to everyone that has helped us in any way during this time.  There are truly too many people and things to list, but just know that no act of kindness and generosity has gone unnoticed.  We have yet to have to cook a single supper since we have been home, everyone has been wonderful to bring us meals and we are able to enjoy every single second with our little guy.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends, and to live in such a wonderful community, we feel truly thankful to everyone!

Check out the video that Deneen from Capturing Hopes created to show Walker's journey through the NICU, we think it is really amazing to watch him grow!

Thank you so much Capturing Hopes

Loving his bath time!

All clean and ready to snuggle!

Aunt Tori and Uncle Jordan came for a visit.

Walker's Great grandpa and Great Aunt Jeanette

Uncle David, two handsome men!

Four of Walker's great grandparents, what a lucky little boy!

Great grandma, Nanny holding Walker.

Great grandpa, Poppie taking his turn!
All of Walker's grandparents.

On Tuesday, welcome home Daddy we missed you!

Activity mat time!

Trying to reach up, he really enjoyed his mat, and even had tummy time too!

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