Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 39

Today Walker was pretty well behaved throughout the day he had a couple of times where is heart rate dropped but he was able to self recover and get back on track with no help from the nurse.  He is up to 2lbs. 4.3 ozs. which is pretty good for a little guy!  The doctors still want him to continue gaining more weight so they are going to add some extra protein to his milk along with the human milk fortifier.  Hopefully all of these things will work together to help the little guy gain weight a little more quickly.  They are also giving him some additional potassium and sodium to help keep his levels where they want them.

Walker is still doing good on the cannula and keeping his oxygen between 28-34% throughout the day.  He is tolerating laying on his back more, and keeping his oxygen stats good, now that he is getting older.  He also did a good job maintaining his temperature during they day.  His happy place seems to be an outfit, a hat, and 2 blankets to keep his temperature around 98.6!

Walker also got an outfit change this morning, he went from his monkey outfit to an adorable raccoon outfit that Mommy's friend Laura sent him.  They got a tiny spot of blood on his monkey outfit when they were drawing his morning labs, so any excuse for us to dress him in another precious outfit!  He looks so precious with his little hat on and the velcro on the legs made diaper changes much easier!

Throughout the day Walker had several periods where he was wide awake and has his eyes wide open looking around.  It is amazing to see the little guy so alert and he was even looking at Granny as she was talking to him.  These periods of alertness are encouraging to us and show that is growing and getting bigger!

This afternoon Mommy got to hold Walker for about 35 minutes.  This was the first time that Mommy had ever held him, before we have always had kangaroo time with Walker, but the nurse suggested that holding him might be better today.  The nurse said since Mom is going to try breastfeeding on Thursday this might help Walker get use to that position, also the little guy was a little hot so this would help cool him off.  It was awesome getting to hold the lil guy and stare into his eyes, and Mommy LOVED every minute of their special time together!

Walker had a quiet rest of the night and he was tucked in tight and behaving when Mommy left, hopefully he can keep that up all night!
Precious outfit!

Hey Granny! 

Who me??

Wide awake!


  1. Oh my goodness, he is too cute...!!!

  2. He is adorable! I love reading about his journey everyday. It hits so close to home for me. Nolan weighed just about what Walker weighs now when he was born. Preemies are so special and resilient. The journey is hard, but worth every milestone!