Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 60

Today started off with Mommy thinking about the fact that we have been in the NICU for 60 days!!  It is hard to believe that it is has been that long, but we are truly blessed when we look back at how far Walker has come.  He is such a strong little boy, and has already gone through so much.

Walker did well overnight and the weaned his cannula down to 1.5 liters which is half of what it was when he started.  He has also been on his cannula for a whole week now, which is the longest he has made it so far.  We are really hoping this is the final time and he will keep moving forward from here.

This morning Mommy and the nurse were talking about how well Walker had been doing taking his 8.5cc by bottle every time and they decided to ask the nurse practitioner if they could increase his amount.  She thought it was a great idea and decided that he could try to bottle 26cc, and whatever he didn't take would go in through his tube.  This is basically condensing his feeds back down, but hopefully because he is taking it by bottle and the digestion process starts as soon as he starts eating this will help with his reflux.  Mommy started at Walker's 9:00 feeding giving him 26cc and he took the whole thing!  Apparently this boy has been waiting to show off his eating skills!  He did the same with his feeds every three hours for the rest of the day.

 Each time taking the whole thing, Mommy also got to burp the little guy for the first time today.  When Walker was taking 8.5cc the amount was so small he didn't every really need to burp but now with his larger amount he was burping like crazy.  It is amazing to think that the little guy is 60 days old and Mommy had never heard him burp.  Even his burp is adorable, and music to Mommy's ears, at least until he is a little older!

Walker had a visit from Clinton and Mary Jo Vipperman who go to Rich Acres with Granny and Papa.  It was so nice of them to come all the way to Winston, and they even brought a photo album with pictures from  Mommy's shower, so thoughtful! Don Gordon, the Pastor at Ardmore Baptist church, also came by the afternoon to check on Walker.  This afternoon, Robin Williams and Pat Nevins, who both teach at Collinsville Primary with Mommy, also came down to see the little guy.  He had just finished eating his bottle, and they were amazed and how big he is getting.  What a loved little boy he is!

This rest of Walker's day went well he rested, did well with his breathing, and did great with his eating.  We are truly so happy and proud of our lil man and we hope he can continue to do so well!

Walker likes to sleep with his foot hanging out!

Good morning Mommy, is it time to eat??

Passed out after taking his third bottle for the day!

Good night Mommy, thanks for all the yummy food!

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