Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 64

This morning Granny went to the hospital to check on Walker and see how he had done over night, while Mommy went to a women's bible study at Admore.  Walker had done well with his breathing overnight and stayed on 21% on his 1.5 liter cannula.  He had also decided he didn't like his feeding tube, and he pulled it out.  The doctors decided since he had been doing so well with bottle feeding they would just leave it out.   He had done well with his bottle feeding over night taking more than the minimum each time!

When Mommy got back she had another big surprise, they had decided to put Walker in an open crib!  He had been doing well with maintaining his temperature in his incubator and they felt like he was big enough to move the open crib.  What a proud Mommy when she walked in and saw that!  During rounds the doctors decided to take him off several of his meds they stopped the caffeine, potassium, and his salts.  The only thing he is still taking is iron which is really great.  Since they were making so many other changes they decided to leave his cannula where it was today.

Walker had a visit from Ellen and Mary Peyton after bible study and Betty Wright from Admore Baptist also came by this afternoon.  Later Walker had another visit from his Great Uncle and Aunt, Bill and Bobbie Joyce and his cousins Taujinia and Dickie Martin.  They were amazed by the little guy and had lots of questions about life in the NICU, it is so special to have a visit from family!

Walker did well throughout the day maintaining his temperate, he has to stay at least 97.6 or above in the crib.  He also did well with his feeds taking between 25 to 30 each time. This afternoon Walker did an excellent job at breastfeeding as well.  Daddy and Papa were excited to see the little guy in his open crib and doing so well with his bottle feedings.  We can't get over how well Walker has been doing the last few days, and we really hope he can keep this progress up!

He was a little tired for his 9:00 feeding, and he didn't take quite the minimum for Daddy after eating 35cc the time before, but we are hoping he will do better at his 12:00 feeding.  We are also hoping he will continue to do well with his breathing overnight.

Please continue to pray that Walker has the strength to continue making this great progress and growing each day.

Walker's open crib!!

All tucked in tight!

Ready for hunting season!

What a big boy!

Daddy changing a diaper


  1. So excited to read about Walker' s progress. I would like to visit next week. Will check with you as to best time and day. I am going to celebrate with you when Walker goes to NICU 2. Love under

    1. Well we better start celebrating, because he went to NICU 2 today!!!! We can't wait to see you Janie!

  2. I am so happy for u all. God is good. Walker is a handsome little guy who is loved so much. I will continue to pray for all of you.