Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 55

This morning Mommy and Daddy were excited to get to the hospital to see how little Walker had done overnight.  The nurse told us that he had behaved all night and had only had a couple of self recovered things but nothing that she had to stimulate him for.  Walker had also lost weight he is back down to 2lbs. 14.2ozs, which they said wasn't a big deal.  He is no longer on the CPAP so that caused some of the weight lost and he has been having a lot of “big jobs”, which also contributes.

During rounds this morning the doctors decided to keep everything the same today, and just let the little guy work on growing and breathing.  If he doesn't gain weight, then tomorrow they will up his feeds from 8cc per hour to 8.5cc per hour not a huge change but it will hopefully help him continue to gain weight.  They decided to leave his cannula flow alone, since he seems to be doing well and not having episodes.  He did have one episode today, but it was while he was working on a big job, so we can hardly count that against him!

Walker got a visit this morning from Deb and Audrey Russell who were excited to see the little guy.  Deb couldn't get over how adorable the little guy was and how much bigger he looked like he had gotten.  They also brought some snacks for Daddy, which is always needed and it is so good to see faces from home after 55 days away from home.

This afternoon Mommy got to breastfeed the little guy and he seemed to do pretty well.  He is getting better and better at latching on and staying awake and alert.  We have trouble with the scale and trying to weigh him before and after, which can be frustrating for Mommy.  Walker also got to bottle feed this afternoon, and he took the whole 8cc an hours’ worth of food.  This is pretty good for a little guy and more progress towards getting closer to going home.

This evening Walker had a visit from Mimi and Bart, who were excited to hear how well the little guy did with bottle feeding.  It is amazing how much he changes and grows each day, and we love getting to watch it all!

We are trying to look at this time (although it can be extremely stressful) as bonus time that we get to spend with our little boy!  Please continue to keep Walker in your prayers, we can’t thank everyone enough for all the love and support we are being given!

Sleeping hard!
Hey Mommy, hey Daddy!

Working on that bottle!

Sweet boy, doing great on bottle feeding!

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