Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 54

This morning Mommy and Granny were excited to get to the hospital and see how Walker had done on the cannula overnight.  He hadn't had a single episode and had been on 21% all night long!  During rounds the doctors decided to up his feeds from 7.5 and hour to 8cc per hour and keep him continuous that seems to help with his reflux.  They are also going to do a neopanel on Friday to check all his levels and make sure he is still on track.

Walker had a great day he kept his oxygen at 21% all day and did have a single episode all afternoon.  Mommy got to change several diapers and got to breastfeed this afternoon.  Walker did pretty well with his breastfeeding and took in 6cc, this is a work in progress and something it will take him a while to master.  We are hoping to get to breast and bottle feed as much as possible because he will have to get rid of the feeding tube before he can go home.

This afternoon, Daddy and Uncle Steve came down to see Walker. Uncle Steve hadn't seen Walker since he was 3 days old and was AMAZED and how much the little guy had grown since he last saw him.  Daddy got to hold Walker for a while and the little guy was looking all around.  Uncle Steve commented on how much like a real baby Walker looked like now and how he was really filling out.  Papa came down to visit the little guy too and got to see him rooting around and wide awake.  He even got to take a video of the little guy who was trying to look for some kinda food somewhere.

We are really noticing Walker having longer periods of being awake and doing lots more sucking and rooting which are both really good things.  We are also hoping that soon he will be able to get into an open crib instead of the incubator.  They have it set on 28.5 Celsius and when they can get it down to 27 and he can maintain his own temperature then he can move to an open crib.  Another step on the road to going home!

Please continue to pray for Walker that he can keep making these gains and get closer and closer to going home with Mommy and Daddy!

"Am I doing it right Mommy?"

Scale before and after breastfeeding

Good Kisses!
Happy Boy After Mommy's Kisses

Daddy Holding Me

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