Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 42

This morning when Daddy came by the hospital early on his way to work, he was greeted by Walker back on CPAP which was not good news.  Overnight Walker had several episodes and the nurse practitioner decided that he needed to go back on CPAP to help him.  They also ordered blood work which wasn't back yet to check and make sure he didn't have any infection or any other issues going on.  When Mommy got to the hospital the nurse told her that that his hemoglobin was 8.4 which was down from 10.5 so they were going to give him another transfusion today.  The rest of his blood work looked normal, and there were no indications that anything else was going on.

When they give him blood they stop his feedings 3 hours before, and then the time during the transfusion, and then for 12 hours after.  That means that Walker stopped getting food this morning at 8:30, and he won't be able to eat again until 3:30am.  Hopefully he won't lose any weight, he was up to 2lbs. 5.7ozs overnight!

Walker did well with his blood transfusion and his color improved almost immediately.  He seemed to have more energy this afternoon and his heart rate and stats were great!  On his CPAP he is on pressure of 5 and was on about 23% oxygen all day.  The doctors said that if he continues to do well on his CPAP for the next few days then they will try the cannula again on Saturday.  Hopefully now that he has renewed hemoglobin he will be able to get back on the cannula and stay.

Walker had a pretty rough day, so Mommy decided to let him rest and hopefully she will be able to get some kangaroo time in tomorrow. The rest of the evening was quiet and Walker didn't have any episodes.  It is amazing the difference you can see in him once he gets a blood transfusion and has the hemoglobin his body needs to transport the oxygen.

Today was not an easy day for Mommy or  Daddy or lil Walker.  It is very hard to watch Walker struggle and have setbacks, but the lil guy is doing his best.  We know he is where he is today because of all the people that have been praying for him, and Mommy and Daddy can't believe he will be 6 weeks old tomorrow!

Walker before his blood transfusion

Walker after his blood transfusion(notice the difference in his color!?!)

All star outfit!

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