Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 43

This morning Walker was doing well and had done well over night.  The nurse said he behaved all night and had done well with his feedings restarting.  Poor guy was probably pretty hungry after not eating for about 18 hours.  His weight was up to 2lbs. 6.8ozs, what a big boy he is getting to be!

Today he had a pretty good day for the most part, he was resting and doing well on his CPAP.  His peep stayed on 5 today which is good and his oxygen was around 21-24%.  He also did pretty well laying on his back today, normally he only likes his belly and his oxygen goes up on his back.  Today he was on his back for most of the day and did well keeping his stats where they needed to be.  He did have a few episodes this afternoon back to back, but the respiratory therapist came and sucked him out really good and he was fine the rest of the afternoon.

We had a visit from our Pastor Peyton and his wife Paige and there three kids today which was really great.  They brought him the cutest green onesie that we can't wait to get on him!

Mommy also got to hold him this afternoon for almost 2 hours which was wonderful.  She had been holding him for about an hour when Daddy got back from working.  We checked his temperature and he was doing great keeping it at 98.1 which is what it was when he was in the bed.  We held him for almost another hour after Daddy got here and decided that was probably long enough because the little guy needs his rest.

Today was a pretty quiet day and Walker did well with his CPAP, hopefully if he can behave tonight he will be able to go back on his nasal cannula tomorrow.  We are really praying that this will be the last blood transfusion that he has to have, and the last time that he has to go back to the CPAP machine.  We are amazed daily by this little boy and all he has been through already, what a tough lil cookie!

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