Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 52

We called early this morning to check on Walker and talked to one of his favorite nurses to have Becky!  She said that Walker had behaved all night and hadn't had any episodes, she also said that the he weighed 3lbs .7ozs.  This was a wonderful gift for Daddy on his very first Father's Day!  After church at Admore Baptist we went to the hospital to check on the little guy and he was looking good and behaving for another of his favorite nurses Sonya.  He also had another BIG present for Daddy in his diaper, what a thoughtful little boy he is!

Granny and Papa, and Uncle David all got to see the lil guy and couldn't get over how much he had grown in the last week!  He also had a visit from Mimi and Bart.  We all went out to lunch at a good lil place down here in Winston for a great Father's Day meal.  Once we got back to the hospital we also had a visit from Brian and Sandy Baxter.

Walker also gave Daddy his real Father's day gift a book that Mommy helped him make full of pictures of his lil guy and says and versus about what a great Daddy he is!  Walker was on his best behavior all day, he wanted to be sure that Daddy's first Father's day was great.  He did well with his CPAP and stayed on 21%(same as room air) all day long.  Daddy was able to hold him for a long time this afternoon, and the little guy did a great job maintaining his temperature.

He got a new clean bed this afternoon, and new bedding which is always good.  They drew labs again this morning and everything still looked good, his cultures also haven't grown anything.  This means we still really don't know what was causing all those episodes, it may have been he was worn out from breathing on the cannula, or Mommy and Daddy's opinion was the lil guy's belly was hurting because he really needed to have some "big jobs" and get all cleaned out.

We are hoping that Walker will have another good night and then get to go back on the cannula tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, if he still looks good in the morning, they will discontinue his antibiotics and they can remove the IV from his sweet little head.  Please continue to pray with us that Walker is back on track and will stay there!  Thanks for all the calls, texts, and messages wishing Daddy a good first Father's day he had a wonderful day!

Daddy on Father's day
Smiling at Daddy giving him his passie

Papa on Father's Day

Daddy looking down on his boy!

Such a wonderful father already!

Our lil family on Father's Day!

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