Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 67

This morning Walker had a big grin on his face when Mommy walked in to see him.  He had a great night and had behaved with no episodes.  The nurse noticed that Walker didn't have his cannula in his nose for about 30 minutes so she decided to turn his flow down to 800 and he has done great all day with it.  He was bright eyed and bushy tailed for his 9:00 feeding.  Mommy gave him his bottle, and he sucked down all 35cc in no time at all.  Granny got here just in time to hear the little guy let out a monster burp and then get to hold him while he rested.

Auntie Sandy, Taylor Jo and Mason also came down this morning and got to see Walker in his open crib.  They were so excited for how well he was doing with maintain his temperature and eating like a big boy.  Sandy got to change a diaper and hold the little guy while the nurse listened to him.  Taylor Jo was excited to watch him eat his bottle and couldn't get over how quickly he ate!  We tried to get Mason to change a stinky diaper, but he just laughed!  It is always so good to have friends that are like family visit and get to see how well the little guy is doing!

This afternoon at 3:00 he took his bottle well, but afterwards had some reflux.  It is really hard for Mommy to watch the little guy gag and spit up and feel so helpless.  Walker's reflux seems somewhat better since they took the tube out, but definitely still a problem for the little guy.  We are really hoping that, like the doctors say, this will go away with time and as he matures.  They try not to give medicine unless the reflux gets really bad, because the medicine causes side effects as well so we are hoping it will resolve itself soon.

It is hard to believe that Walker will be 10 weeks old on Friday and 36 weeks corrected gestational age.  We are really praying that God will allow Walker to continuing making strides so that we can get him home as soon as possible.  Please pray with us that God will allow Walker to make the gains necessary to make it back home to Snow creek, we can't wait to wake up each day with our son under the same roof!

Good morning Mommy, laying on his tractor burp cloth!

Auntie Sandy holding Walker

In his big boy crib!

Loving his "passie"

Sleeping hard after breastfeeding!


  1. I know im a few days behind but nic 2? Wahoo!!!! We still really want to come visit but didnt today because i have bronchitis and a fever for 5 days now. Definitely not bringing my germs your way. Would you email me your contact info so i can get in touch with you in a way other than hijacking your blog? (
    Lauren Hicks

    1. It is good to hear from you, I tried to email you but it keeps saying delivery is failed to that recipient, any thoughts on why?

  2. Yeah probably because I Gave the wrong address ha.