Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 63

This morning when Mommy got report on how Walker had done over night it was good news.  He had a few self recovery episodes so they decided to turn his flow on his cannula back from 1.25 to 1.5 liters to give him some extra help with his reflux.  This seemed to help the little guy and he did well with his breathing for the rest of the night, he is also up to 3lbs. 6ozs.

They also continued to bottle feed him all night and he took 25cc at 12:00, 26cc at 3:00, and 28cc at 6:00 which is great.  Those are all well above his minimum of 19cc so the little guy was eating up a storm!  We are really hoping if he can continue taking all his food by bottle today, that tomorrow they will remove his feeding tube.  Mommy and Granny were excited for a good day with Walker and to keep working on feeding.

At his 9:00 feeding he took 21cc, which is good because it is above the minimum, but we would like for Walker to be taking more so that he can gain weight.  We discovered that the milk still wasn't flowing great out of bottle and Mommy kept having to stop and shake it up again.  They had changed what they were mixing into Mommy's milk and it seemed that the similac fortifier and the extra protein were causing the nipple on the bottle to clog up.  They decided to switch to just he similac in his 12:00 feed and he only took 20cc, even though he was sucking away.  The milk was still looking filmy and causing the nipple to clog us to they decided to switch Walker about the the original fortifier and protein combo that he was on.

At his 3:00 feed the little guy was hungry and he took the whole bottle, 30cc!  Mommy's milk with the old formula mixed in was much easier for him to get out of the bottle and Walker caught up on what he had been missing!  He did well with his 6:00 feed as well taking 25, and Mommy and Granny were so relieved.  We didn't like the little guy having to work so hard to eat, and we are glad the nurses and nutritionist worked so hard to get him straightened out.

Walker got some really good rest this afternoon between his feeds, some on Mommy and some in his bed.  He did really well with maintaining his temperature all day and we are so excited for the progress he is making.  Walker also had a visit from Pastor Payton and Paige and their kids this afternoon.  They got to see Mommy holding Walker after his 3:00 feeding and he was resting so well.  Paige loved seeing the little guy's feet and Payton thought he looked a lot bigger since he was down here last week!  Walker also had a visit from Cathy Cooper and her daughter Kristin and her granddaughter.  They got to see Walker working on his 6:00 bottle, and they were so impressed with how well he was doing!

We can't say it enough, it's these visits, calls, messages, gifts, and prayers that truly keep us going in this situation.  So many people have told us how strong we have been through all this, but we couldn't have done any of it without God and the support of all y'all!  Please continue to pray for Walker that he keeps doing well and moving forward each day!

Good morning smile for Mommy!

Cuddling after eating breakfast.

Sweet kisses

No love like a Mother's love!

Lunch time!

Holding onto Mommy's necklace that has my footprint on it!


  1. Absolutely LOVE these pictures! I always look forward reading the blog and seeing new pics everyday - go Walker! : )

  2. Love the morning smile for mommy. He loves his mommy so much! Glad he is making progress. Take care and look forward to seeing him grow each day. Such a gift from God. Take care! Alison Holt