Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 56

This morning Daddy stopped by to see the little guy on his way to work and check in on him.  The nurse told him that Walker had a few self recovery's overnight but he had been very well behaved!  Mommy was excited to get to the hospital not far behind Daddy and give Walker his bottle at 9:00.  We get the chance to feed him every four hours and we make sure that we are here to feed that boy every chance we get!  Walker was wide awake and hungry waiting for his breakfast, and he did well with making that bottle disappear!

During rounds the doctors said that Walker looked great and seemed to be doing well.  They decided since he was on 3 liters and only requiring 21% oxygen they would try to turn him down to 2.5 liters today.  Mommy asked if we could go down to 2.75 this morning and then 2.5 later this afternoon as long as the little guy did ok, which they said sounded good.

Walker got a visit from Payton our Pastor and Johnny one of the members of our church, Gospel Baptist Church.  They were impressed with how much the little guy had grown and how good is color looked.  While they were visiting, Walker's favorite respiratory therapist, Charlene turned his flow down to 2.75 and the lil guy just kept on trucking!

This afternoon Mommy got to breastfeed and Walker did really well, it seems each day he is getting better and better and its really encouraging to watch.  This is such a special time and it really makes Mommy's day getting to enjoy it.  Also, Walker had a visit from his great Aunt Joyce and great Uncle Mike, who live in Tampa and haven't gotten to meet the little guy yet.  They were amazed with how far he has come and how good he looks.  Aunt Joyce said that little Walker is "going to be fine!"

This afternoon before his 5 o'clock feeding Walker was rooting around and trying to find something to eat.  When Mommy got him out and gave him the bottle he literally sucked it dry in less than 5 minutes!  This is such a great thing to see because this is a huge obstacle for him to overcome before going home.

This evening Walker also got a visit from Tim and Amanda Hunt, Tim is the preacher at Granny and Papa's church.  We are so blessed to have all these visits and it really means so much to us to have people from home make the trip down here to see us.  Walker is already one spoiled and loved little boy!  Please continue to keep him in your prayers, as y'all have since the day he was born!

Good morning Mommy!

Hey great Aunt Joyce

Hey great Uncle Mike

Mommy giving me some lunch!

Hey, where is the rest!

Sleeping tight on a full belly!

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